A Comprehensive Guide to Pheromone Perfumes

In this article, I will discuss everything you need to know about pheromone perfumes.

Pheromone perfumes are supposed to be the ultimate guarantee of your success with the ladies. You may, however, be skeptical about such products and the science behind them. The truth is that the pheromone perfume uses basic biological principles to achieve its success.

5 Best Pheromone Perfumes For Women

The following is a review list of the best pheromone perfumes.


This is a unique kind of women’s perfume that makes men go absolutely nuts. Not only does this make a woman feel more confident and sexy, but she becomes the center of attention when wearing it. This perfume has a beautiful scent that is light and refreshing. But on the flip side, it also captivates and entices men into thinking that the women who wear Pherazone are regal and powerful.

It may be hard to understand exactly what it means to be a powerful and regal woman, but think of it as being one of life’s greatest pleasures. Who wouldn’t want to live this type of life? And why is this so important when it comes to attracting men?

Now, before we go any further, ask yourself the following question. Do you think that Paris Hilton has problems getting dates? Yes, plenty of women can’t find dates, but Paris Hilton probably isn’t one of them.


Men can’t resist you when you smell wonderful. When I wear Pherazone when out with the girls, men pay more attention to me. They are very flirtatious and unpredictable. Pherazone was one of the first pheromone perfumes that I’ve worn, and I like it more than others that I’ve tried. When it comes to dating, I don’t want to attract just any type of man. I can say that this scent isn’t loud, so men don’t view me as a sleaze. It makes me appear sexy, but elegant. Because of Pherazone’s appeal, I am perceived as a high-class woman that men want to get to know.

Official Site: Pherazone.com

Alpha Dream Charme

If you are looking for a pheromone perfume that you can wear every day, try Alpha Dream Charme. Use it to increase your sex appeal among younger men.

Women tend to doubt themselves when they get older. They think most men want younger women instead. This pheromone perfume helps you to attract younger men that desire committed relationships. Why does it work so well? This is because Charme has 7 types of pheromones that men find unforgettable. If you don’t feel confident enough to approach men, this perfume will work for you. When I wore it, most of my friends liked Charme because it has a scent that’s light and sexy.

Just put a few drops of this perfume on your pulse points. That’s all you’ll need to boost your confidence and get more men to respond to you.

Let’s compare Pherazone to Charme. Basically, men respond more to Charme because it has a stronger scent. Both pheromone perfumes will make men respond to you, but Charme is designed for the cougar woman who is trying to capture a younger man. Pherazone works on all types of guys. All in all, you’ll get a man if you wear either Pherazone or Charme.

When I wear Charme, men see me as the clean and fresh girl next door. You know the type of girl I’m talking about. She’s the girl who never does anything wrong. I’ve really been successful when wearing Charme.

Official Site: Alpha-Dream.com

Captain for Her

This is a very liked pheromone by Pheromone Treasures. It has a total of 22.5 mg and contains 8 different types of pheromones. It is designed to attract high classed men.

Because it has a different formula, Captain for Her can be worn every day.

Use it to attract more men and boost your popularity. You might also get more men to open up to you and talk about their feelings.

Captain for Her has a fresh floral scent, which isn’t as strong as Charme. Also, it isn’t as concentrated as Pherazone. For the woman who usually doesn’t have problems meeting men, this pheromone will give you a unique edge.

But if you need more confidence before venturing into the dating world, you’ll have more success with Pherazone because it is more potent than Captain for Her.

Official Site: Pheromonetreasures.com

Alfa Donna by Alpha Dream

This pheromone is highly recommended for the single girl. It is ideal for the sexy woman with confidence who wants a new man.

Women who have tried Alfa Donna say the men they meet are extremely talkative and flirty. It works on men aged anywhere from 20-60. I told a friend of mine about pheromones. She meets plenty of young men who are flirtatious and fun loving.

My friend believes that Alfa Donna is a sexual pheromone that gets her constant attention.

She loves how men respond to her, which explains why she plans to purchase more Alfa Donna soon.

You’ll be amazed at how men respond to you when you’re wearing Alfa Donna. It only takes a few drops to make a powerful love connection.

Official Site: Alpha-Dream.com

Max Attraction Silk

This particular pheromone works for the romantic at heart. Most women believe that there’s more to dating than just having sex. They want to form committed relationships. Thus, Max Attraction Silk makes men see both your inner and outer beauty.

When wearing this pheromone, I’ve noticed that men stare, approach me and really want to talk. Silk has a hypnotic effect on them that deepens the attraction.

A majority of men find it hard to connect emotionally with women. Amazingly, this doesn’t happen when you’re wearing the right pheromone. Just wear it. Don’t complicate things. Let the pheromone work its magic.

Official Site: Pheromones.com

How do Pheromones Work?

Pheromones are natural chemicals that our bodies secrete to attract a romantic partner. A number of studies suggest that human pheromones can affect the sexual behavior of potential partners. A person’s body, however, is capable of producing very small amounts of pheromones, which is often insufficient to affect the sexual desire of another person. Showers, the use of perfumes and antiperspirants all influence the amounts of pheromone on the skin, which in turn results in insufficient results.

Many companies manufacture pheromone perfumes that contain the same chemicals but in larger quantities. As a result, a man who uses a pheromone perfume becomes more likely to quickly find a sexual partner.

Pheromones Found in Perfumes

People who have researched pheromone perfumes have probably come across these two possibilities. Each of these pheromones produces a specific result and understanding the differences is important.


Androstenone is a steroidal pheromone. It is found in boar’s saliva, celery cytoplasm, and truffle fungus. Androstenone was the first mammalian pheromone to be identified. Androstenone is a very common pheromone added to colognes and perfumes. Both women and men secrete it but men produce it in larger quantities. This is the alpha male pheromone, asserting the dominance of an individual. Androstenone is the pheromone mainly connected to sexual attraction.

Both men and women use androstenone. For work this pheromones should be paired with Androstenal to maintain approachability. If you are partying then you may want to add a smidge more of this product for the desired effect. This is a super powerful pheromone and should be used with restraint. Androstenone needs a cover scent. It can be quite pungent. creates definite sexual vibe and tension also creates an atmosphere of respect and deference.


Androsterone on the other hand is a masculine pheromone that lacks the aggressive vibe produced by androstenone. It creates a sensation of peacefulness and support that is likely to attract a long-term partner rather than a sex mate. Field tests of this pheromone molecule on its own have shown that wearers of small amounts, generally around 2.5mcg, enjoy an elevated social status and are treated with a higher level of respect than normal.

This is often combined with other pheromones to boost their effects. By itself it creates a masculine alpha male image without the aggression associated with androstenone. This pheromone also signals protection and reliability. In women it elevates mood.


Copulins are released during sexual arousal in women and are believed to increase male testosterone levels making guys more horny. Copulins are now added to pheromone perfumes to heighten sexual attraction in potential partners. This is a pheromone that is proven to increase testosterone in men by up to 150%. They are naturally produced during ovulation and have a very definite effect on sexual chemistry. Men will view a woman who is wearing copulins as more attractive and it can also induce arousal. While most pheromones are gender neutral (meaning they work for both men and women) copulins should be used exclusively by women.

Estrotetraenol: this one is produced by women only, and it creates an image of a very fragile, sensitive, and kind person – the one to be protected and cared for. This human pheromone also makes men feel better by lightening up their mood.

Benefits of Pheromone Perfumes

The pheromone perfume produces a number of scientifically proven benefits.

Attract a Partner

Pheromone colognes can help you attract a partner whether you are looking for a sexual experience or a long-term relationship. It is important, however, to choose high quality pheromone perfumes because they are the only ones strong and pure enough to let you enjoy all of the benefits.

A study was carried out to test a particular brand of pheromone cologne. Researchers from Kentucky sprayed pheromone perfumes on the pictures of men and asked women to determine who the most attractive individual was. As expected, ladies were mostly drawn to the photos sprayed with androsterone.

Safe To Use

Pheromones are perfectly safe to use. These chemicals are produced by the human body. Perfumes contain them in higher quantities but these products are not connected to any side effects. They can lead to a more exciting and satisfactory sex life, as well as to a deeper bond between the partners.

Pheromone Perfumes For Men

Many men who use pheromone perfumes report that they are more successful in social and corporate interactions as a result of the product. Pheromones boost confidence and affect nearly all areas of life that involve conversations and encounters with others.

Pheromone colognes use a natural chemical but the purity and the higher concentration amplify the results that will be experienced otherwise. Animals produce pheromones to attract mates and so do humans. The selection of the right pheromone perfume will soon begin delivering results, regardless of an individual’s romantic and sexual desires.

How perfumes with pheromones affect us?

We all like different fragrant flavors that we associate with different things, for example, very often associated with relaxation is the lavender. Many of us use perfumes in different ways to improve the smell of a room, the clothes and body. Perfume is extracted from plants and flowers and it trigger different senses in order to induce certain states. Plants contain pheromones, which converts into perfumes and from them, they provide to our senses the desired reaction.

The perfumes with pheromones are extremely beneficial for people who do not give off enough pheromones naturally and experience a failure because of that. They are also extremely practical because you just have to replace your regular perfume with the scent of pheromones, which may have different smells. Pheromones have no smell so it can be easily integrated into a perfume with different scents.

Everyone likes to be admired and attractive, so even if you are married, became engaged or engaged in a long term relationship you can get out on the street equipped with this secret weapon, and all thr persons of the opposite sex will admire you , respect you and maybe love you.

Pheromone Perfumes: How To Make The Most Of Them

There are lots of pheromone perfumes available these days, and they can be quite expensive. Perfumes cost more than colognes because they contain more concentrated essential oils, they have more complicated scents, and they last longer – about 6-8 hours on average. It’s best that you try to get all you can out of your pheromone perfume, so you will want to know how to use it properly in order to get the full effect. Here’s some advice about how to do so.

The right pheromones

As obvious as it may seem, you should pick the perfume with the pheromone you need the most. Each pheromone delivers a different signal to its recipient, so you should know exactly what you need. There are pheromones for making friends and impressing business partners, for attracting women for dating and having a good sex life, for maintaining a healthy marriage, and so on. So first of all you should decide which pheromone you need to wear, and buy the perfume that contains it.

Bare skin

Always apply your perfume on your bare skin only. This way the scent will last longer, and it will mix with the natural smell of your body, creating a unique aroma. Pheromone perfumes will make you even more attractive because apart from their main smell, they will emit the scent of certain pheromones which others will feel only subconsciously.

Right spots

To enjoy the full effect of your pheromone perfumes, you should apply them onto the hottest areas of your body which include armpits, wrists, neck, and the small spots behind your ears. Heat will make your perfume smell stronger, enhancing its effect.

Pheromones alter the impression you give to other people. You can choose a pheromone perfume that’s right for you, and not only will people remember your smell, they will also remember the good impression you gave them, the unique aura that you have. So pick your perfume carefully and make sure you use it in the right way.

How Scent Attraction Works

What attracts women to men and vice versa? While there are many factors, women look to strong muscles, a sense of domination that can tell them the man they choose is going to protect them, etc. Men, on the other hand, tend to look at breasts, hips, and other factors that say a woman may be a good mother and child bearer. However, these are all superficial factors.

The Power of Scent

What really attracts men and women is scent. This doesn’t mean the cologne or perfume a person is wearing, but their actual body scent.

There is a science of scent attraction. It goes much deeper than the brand of cologne or perfume a person is wearing. Every mammal gives off pheromones, silent signals that tells the opposite sex they are ready for mating. These are detected by the Vomeronasal organ, and as the name suggests, it is located deep within the nose. It picks up scents that are not normally detected, ones that carry a great deal of information about a person.

Scent Influences Behavior

This information can include things like whether or not a woman is on her period, or that she is ready for conception. It can tell a woman whether a man would have a large sperm count, and whether he would be a suitable mate. Instead of the nose sensors sending signals to the exterior of the brain, the Vomeronasal organ sends these pheromone signals directly to the hypothalamus, deep within the brain, causing involuntary responses, making one more attractive to the opposite sex.

There has been much scientific research on the subject of the science of scent attraction. In 2004 alone, many studies were performed and collected by Keverne and Grammer. Keverne explains that the NVO, Vomeronasal Organ with its close hypothalamic connections can bring about a number of neuroendocrine changes, from speeding up puberty, to inducing estrogen production, or even to block the ability to get pregnant, depending on the type of pheromones released.

He also states that this link is directly connected to primary motivating behaviors such as maternal instincts, aggressiveness and sexual behaviors, all connected with the urge to procreate. Grammer suggests that the olfactory senses also send suggestions to the neocortex for processing in the conscious mind as well as to the subconscious for processing the emotional part of the brain.

While some research suggests that vision has overtaken the olfactory senses when it comes to what attracts the opposite sex, (Grammer,) especially when it comes to social interaction. Grammer suggests that when it comes to mating, these days we use a multitude of senses to determine which person of the opposite sex is going to be compatible with us, and that pheromones help to increase this compatibility.

Where We Emit Pheromones

So where are some of the places where these pheromones are emitted? Because men tend to be taller than most women, some of these glands are located in the armpits, especially for men. Because of this factor, women secret pheromones in the sweat glands of the scalp, but there are many other locations as well. The glands in the armpits that produce pheromones are called aprocrine glands, (Bier, 2004.)

In women, perception of smell can be quite different when they are about to or are ovulating. During these times, a man’s ‘scent’ may be more attractive than when the woman is on her cycle. What would normally be deemed unpleasant, may become pleasant and say to her brain that this man would make a good mate.

Pheromones In Real World

While this information is all good scientifically, what does it mean for people in the real world? Will not taking a shower before going out on a date make your more attractive? Probably not.

Does wearing a bunch of cologne or perfume make the opposite sex want you more? While this may make you smell better, too much can actually mask your own scent, and may have the opposite effect you want.

While pheromones do work secretly to help attract the opposite sex, you still have to be able to interact in social environments, because as mentioned earlier, we use a number of our senses to define what qualities in a person we find attractive.

You can find a number of websites that have information about the science of scent attraction.


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