6 Best Pheromones To Get Laid 2017

If you want to get laid with pheromones then you want to choose the right type of products. You see, not all pheromones are equal or created the same.

My main motivation for using pheromones was to have more sex with women. Not just any woman. I wanted to sleep with gorgeous women. Below is my compiled report of products that actually worked.

Best Pheromones To Use For Getting Laid

Pherazone Ultra Concentrated – Super high potency weapon of mass seduction. This is a high-ticket item for guys who can afford to use the most powerful sexual pheromone. Its loaded with 7 powerful pheromones with an alluring scent that can make you really stand out from other guys. Be careful with this stuff. Read Full Review

Alpha Dream L2K Pheromones – A super sexy pheromone cologne from Alpha Dream, L2K is bold and exciting. While not as potent as Pherazone it’s a great alternative when you want to mix things up. At casts a sexual vibe where sleeping with her is the goal. Read Full Review

Dirty Primitive – A powerful and controversial pheromone that is formulated to make women open to sexual encounters, this stuff really works. Read Full Review

Nexus Pheromones – Another sexy pheromone cologne for men that has a sweet and sensual smell women love.

Aqua Vitae – Powerful, sex, attention grabber, Aqua Vitae is one of my go-to products for increasing sexual attraction. I had a serious learning curve, but Aqua Vitae helped me to move to another level of seduction.

Grail of Affection – A sexual yet romantic pheromone formula that works best for guys already in a relationship or back on the dating scene. Helps escalate sexual feelings while getting to know her and building openness. Read Full Review


With up to 72 mg of pheromones per fluid ounce, I knew by ordering Pherazone, I was using one of the most concentrated pheromone colognes on the market.

What I didn’t know is how this would translate into real world performance and results. My  goal was simple. I wanted to get laid.

Pherazone took about 5 days to arrive and ordering was simple on their website. It was well-packaged in a brown, non-conspiscious package so I didn’t have to worry about prying eyes. My first impression was “Wow, this stuff smells amazing”.

Heck, even if pheromones don’t really work I thought, at least I have an incredible smelling cologne. I had never quite smelled anything like it and was eager to try it on and see what happens.

By giving you that confidence, pheromones can dramatically boost your attractiveness and allow you to approach women without feeling bashful and shy.

First Impressions … Getting Laid Became Too Easy

I spent an evening at one of Hollywood’s most exclusive nightclubs; The AVALON. The place was jam packed with beautiful women shaking their bodies on the dance floor. I put two small sprays of Pherazone on my pulse points 15 minutes prior to arriving and walked into the club with a confident stride. I didn’t notice any effect on women until I was waiting at the bar for a drink.


I noticed a cute blond checking me out from across the bar and moved over towards her and cracked a joke. She laughed and became very chatty with me.

I introduced myself  before she leaned in and asked me what I was wearing. I could tell by her body language that she was feeling a magnetic attraction to me as she became increasingly flirtatious, touching me lightly,  moving closer to my personal space, and locking eyes with me while playing with her hair.

When your wearing a powerful product like Pherazone you have a subconscious edge that makes it easier to build rapport with women while feeling comfortable and in control of the situation.

Learn more at official sitehttp://Pherazone.com

Alpha Dream L2k

Alpha Dream LIIK Pheromones – A super sexy pheromone cologne from Alpha Dream, L2K unhinges women on an emotional and physical level making seduction easy and possible.

My improved confidence coupled with the high potency pheromones and alluring aroma made it easier to pick-up women, build rapport, and eventually get them in bed.

While this is one of the main motivations for using products like this, some men also use them as a way to boost their self-confidence. As they feel more at ease in social and other settings, they find it possible to form new relationships, comfortable participating in conversations, and in general having a higher sense of worth.

Another benefit associated with pheromones is a more balanced mood. Some men find that using a product to go along with what their bodies already produce makes it easier to deal with stress, remain balanced, and avoid mood swings that can be detrimental in the workplace, in a social setting, and just about any other situation you can imagine.

Dirty Primitive

Dirty Primitive Pheromones has hardly come under the spotlight at all. It has mostly remained hidden among the shadows.

Liquid Alchemy Labs, a Hawaii-based manufacturer, has an impressive range of pheromone based products on the market, and most of them have enjoyed a great deal of success among consumers,and one of the best kept secrets is their Dirty Primitive pheromone.

It contains a powerful combination of Androstenone which boosts sexual feelings. It also contains copulins which signals to women that you’re a stud and desired by other women, an elevation in social status.   This could backfire with some women but if you are looking just to have sex with girls then it will matter less.

It can be a polarizing but highly rewarding pheromone cologne.

Official Site: LiquidAlchemyLabs.com

Nexus Pheromones

One of the most under-rated products I’ve had the pleasure to use, Nexus is a time-tested pheromone cologne that has a clean, refreshing scent and just the right formulation to increase your confidence and sexiness around women.

Perfect for night clubs, social events, and heating things up on the bedroom, Nexus has gotten me laid many times. There’s nothing better than have a male scent that women lust and this is where Nexus delivers.

While it’s not the most potent pheromone on the market, it has more than enough pheromones to captivate a women’s attention and give guys an edge. If you like sweet and musky scents this might be the pheromone for you.

Official Site: NexusPheromones.com

Aqua Vitae

A well received seduction pheromone, Aqua Vitae is geared towards guys who want to quickly catch a woman’s attention. Some describe it as sexual magnetism. After experimenting with it last summer I came to a few conclusions based of my own results. For starters, while Aqua Vitae’s effects can be felt pretty quick you’ll probably have a limited window of opportunity to make your next move.

While women will open up to you, you’ll need to be able to carry the conversation or they will quickly blank out. Secondly, Aqua Vitae is more suited for advanced users who have experience using sex pheromones.

If you’ve already used products like Pherazone and L2K and want something that smells a little different than Aqua Vitae is a good alternative. While it tends to work a bit faster than the other brands I noticed the effects don’t last as long so you might need to reapply after a few hours. Regardless, I’ve had some hits with women using this product and would recommend it to anyone that wants to try something different.

Official Site: LiquidAlchemyLabs.com

Grail of Affection

This is a pheromone I discovered recently based on the advise of a friend. This product is a little different in that is more of a romantic sexual pheromone instead of something you would use for just a quick lay. In other words, you would use this if you were to make love to a woman and wanted her to feel a more emotional and sensual connection.

I tried it on my girlfriend when we first started dating and the one thing I noticed is whenever I wore it she felt more relaxed and close around me.

Since it creates more romantic chemistry it’s well suited for guy who are already in a new relationship with a woman and want to build more trust and openness to get her into bed. Not all girls are rushing to get in bed with a guys but with the right approach and a few sprays of this you may find yourself getting there a lot faster.

Official Site: PheromoneTreasures.com

Sex Pheromones Make Things Easier For You

Let’s face it, girls dig guys who look good, drive a nice car, have money, and of course, a guy who is fun to be around.

Guys with more testosterone are not only more masculine but usually more confidence than beta males.

This is something I had trouble overcoming, and this where pheromones have helped me significantly, along with improving myself.

With that, comes the benefit of easing the tension with women and allowing them to trust you more. Alpha guys are more successfull with women because they more confidence which coincides with greater testosterone and pheromone production.

Breaking The Ice

pheromonesApproach her in a subtle kind of way while wearing a human pheromone cologne and your chances might improve. Most importantly, display confidence, which can break the ice and create feelings of attraction.

If she is already into  you, you pheromones will “amplify” her feelings.

But don’t expect too much, getting her number should already be considered hitting first base rather than being rejected.

Six Type of Sex Pheromones

There are six type of sex pheromones found in colognes and perfumes which include the following:


It has the most potent molecules responsible for sexual attraction and increase sexual desire in women and makes you look more attractive to them.

Found in male sweat, androstenone is most commonly used to increase attraction and arousal.

It’s one of the most commonly used pheromones in colognes and perfumes.


This can boost your masculinity and trustworthiness. Androsterone amplifies alpha qualities in a man that most women find attractive.

This includes a guy who is confident, mentally tough, competitive, and has a strong presence around people through his body language.

Alpha guys are known to be dominant, willing to take chances, display strong eye contact, are calm under pressure, know how to dress, and don’t need external validation.


Increases comfort and feelings of sexual intimacy for women. A lot of pheromone users have reported women developing crushes on them from long term exposure.

Can work well when building rapport with a woman who moves at a slower pace and you want to get more intimate with her because it makes her feel more comfortable around you.


Makes men more approachable to women and makes her feel more relaxed, androstenol is great for increasing chatter.

Women under the influence of androstenol pheromones are more engaging, and more conversational which can create an opportunity for men to get her humber, pick her up, and more make the next move.

It adds a fun element and and produces a synergistic effect with other pheromones to make her turned on.


Helps break the ice with women and break communication barriers.


A female pheromone that boost testosterone levels in men

Sex Pheromones Buyers Guide

To get the best results with sex pheromones, I recommended the following tips.

High Concentration

High concentration androstenone-based pheromones will give the best performance when it comes to escalating sexual tension and making women less inhibited. Concentrations of 15 mg or higher are recommended. Practice with the application to find the ideal concentration which works with your body chemistry.

The Right Formula

Choose a pheromone cologne for men that has both androstenone and androsterone. These two work well together telling the opposite sex that you are “manly” enough for her.

Sexy Fragrance

Even if you have the best pheromones, a pungent scent is going to kill your best effort and chance of seduction. You’re going to be looking for a scent that’s light, fresh, and clean smelling.  If you have a cologne favorite you can mix it with an unscented pheromone and still reap the benefits.


You get what you pay for. Manufacturing real pheromones is not exactly cheap since they have to be created in a lab. That means you can expect lower concentrations. The better sex pheromones cost $50 an upwards depending on the concentration and brand.

Customer Reviews

Reading the reviews of other people who have used the product can help you make an informed decision. While individual results will vary, you can still get an idea of what to expect and the performance of each brand.

Money Back Guarantee

Success with pheromones can depend on several factors which include your personality, your effort in approaching women, your environment, and how much, and what type of pheromones are being used. A money back guarantee will allow you to test pheromones and decide what works best for you since individual results will vary.

Tips for Getting Laid

The best way to use pheromones for sex is to work on becoming a better version of yourself. Here are some essential traits that will help you get laid

Talk About S-E-X

This should be obvious. You won’t be able to get her in the mood without talking about the obvious.  Throw in a few thought provokers that get her to think about having sex.

Example: Check out the way that girl is dancing. You can tell she must be bad in bed.

Get Her Alone With You

if you want to ramp up the sexual tension the key is to get her alone with you so she won’t be distracted by her friends. Take her somewhere quiet and continue to build rapport.  If you’re not sure how to isolate her it’s pretty easy. You just need to be non-chalant and casual about it.  You could ask her to come along with you to grab a drink, get some food, or show her something.

Talk Sexy

Being smooth with your words will increase your sexiness. By speaking slowly and confidently, you project power and confidence which is a sexy trait women love. The perfect example is James Bond.

Non-Verbal Sexual Escalation

The physical side of things is where you can really heat things up and get her in the sack. This comes after verbal escalation. You want to gradually increase the sexual tension until she gets so horny she can’t control herself. Women like men who are confident and dominant. One of the best ways to physically turn a girl on is to look directly into her eyes, place your hands around her waist and pull her into you so she’s pressed against you. This is a great way to lead into a kiss.

Triangle Gaze Method

Build rapport and dramatically increase your chance of a kiss by looking directly into her eyes and than down to her lips for a moment. Repeat this for several minutes.

The goal is to plant the idea into her mind that you want to kiss her. If she asks why you keep looking at her lips you know what to do.

Tell her the truth.


Don’t Make These Mistakes

• Don’t pretend you just want to be friends. That will not get you laid.
• Blindside her by pretending to be here buddy one minute and then trying to bang her.
• Trying to manipulate her into having sex with you.
• Waiting for to be in the mood.
• Not be direct and throwing around little hints here and there.

When you want to get laid, be honest and direct, and don’t be afraid to make a move. Speak your mind and be honest. Use pheromones to help you escape the friendzone and act as an “amplifier” to maximize your success.

Final Words

I think most people who end up on this page will already know what pheromones are, or will at least have heard about commercially available pheromone products, and why such products exist. In short, guys (and sometimes girls) buy pheromone products because they want to get laid. Any guy who tells you other is talking through their ass.

Now, before run off to buy a supply, just be aware of the fact that the market is awash with scammers who are just out to relieve you of money by selling you pheromone products which are as much use to you as a fart in the wind.

On the other hand, you do get quite a lot of good products as well. Some only tend to produce very subtle effect, while others can be quite potent. A good example of a potent pheromone product would be the one featured in this review, Pherazone Ultra Concentrated.

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