Best Pheromones To Get Laid

If you’re a guy then you are probably looking to get laid. I recently tried a few of these top-selling pheromones products and was impressed how well they worked.

Pheremones are chemicals that men and women emit through the skin. The reaction of others to the pheromones typically has some influence on the behavior of others, especially in how they relate to the individual. For men, the use of cologne or sprays with pheromones to enhance what nature is already providing is thought to aid in boosting self-esteem and attracting the attention of potential romantic partners. While some dispute the effect of these products, men who have used them tend to find they do provide help. Here are some things you should understand about pheromones, what they do, and what a quality product can provide in the way of benefits.

Pherazone Rated #1 Pheromone of 2017

Pherazone has been the heavyweight champion of pheromone products for the past 7 years. Their formula is still unrivaled when it comes to concentraction and results.  I came to this conclusion after trying and experimenting with dozens of pheromone brands only to experience mixed results. 

Alpha Dream LIIK Pheromones – A super sexy pheromone cologne from Alpha Dream, L2K is bold and exciting. While not as potent as Pherazone it’s a great alternative when you want to mix things up.

Nexus Pheromones – Another sexy pheromone cologne for men that has a sweet and sensual smell women love.

Why I Decided To Test It

With up to 72/mg of pheromones per fluid ounce, I knew by ordering Pherazone, I was using one of the most concentrated pheromone colognes on the market.  What I didn’t know is how this would translate into real world performance and results. My  goal was simple. I wanted to get laid.

Pherazone took about 5 days to arrive and ordering was simple on their website. It was well-packaged in a brown, non-conspiscious package so I didn’t have to worry about prying eyes. My first impression was “Wow, this stuff smells amazing”. Heck, even if pheromones don’t really work I thought, at least I have an incredible smelling cologne. I had never quite smelled anything like it and was eager to try it on and see what happens.

Building Your Attraction and Confidence

Now that I had this alluring bottle of pheromones in my hand I decided to perform my first field test. Living in Hollywood, CA has it’s advantages and one of those is the abundance of hot beautiful young women.

What the Right Type of Pheromone Can Do For a Man

One thing a lot of guys don’t understand is that pheromones are odorless and invisible to the naked eye. What makes it possible for others to sense the emission is a small organ that is located in the nasal passage. Known as the vomeronasal organ, the reaction involves transmitting the recognition to the brain. In turn, the brain reacts in the areas set aside for emotions and desire. When the reaction is positive, the individual feels drawn to the other party. If the reaction is negative, there will be no real attraction.

Getting Laid Became Too Easy

Survey after survey shows the trait women find most attractive in men is confidence.  Women are turned on by a confident, strong man, who is not afraid to approach a woman and be himself. In other words, you don’t have to look like Brad Pitt to attract a beautiful woman. Most women are actually looking for a guy with a good personality, not Hollywood looks.  By giving you that confidence, pheromones can dramatically boost your attractiveness and allow you to approach women without feeling bashful and shy. Back to my story …

I spent an evening at one of Hollywood’s most exclusive nightclubs; The AVALON. The place was jam packed with beautiful women shaking their bodies on the dance floor.

I put two small sprays of Pherazone on my pulse points 15 minutes prior to arriving and walked into the club with a confident stride. I didn’t notice any effect on women until I was waiting at the bar for a drink.

I noticed a cute blond checking me out from across the bar and moved over towards her and cracked a joke. She laughed and became very chatty with me. I introduced myself  before she leaned in and asked me what I was wearing.  I could tell by her body language that she was feeling a magnetic attraction to me as she became increasingly flirtatious, touching me lightly,  moving closer to my personal space, and locking eyes with me while playing with her hair.  Wearing pheromones give you that edge that makes it easier to build rapport with women while feeling comfortable and in control of he situation.

After a few more field tests it was abundantly obvious Pherazone really does offer the most powerful pheromone cologne. My improved confidence  coupled with the high potency pheromones  and alluring aroma has made it easier to pick-up women , build rapport, and eventually get them in bed. This has become one of my favorites products and I’ll be ordering more.

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Dealing With Beautiful Women

The use of products to augment the natural chemicals produced by the body typically come about because of a wish to be more desirable to those of the opposite sex. Men who are actively looking for a life partner or at least someone to date may choose to use a spray containing these chemicals or apply a cologne that has pheromones as one of the ingredients. The product works in tandem with what the body is already producing and is thought to make potential partners more attracted to the man and receptive to his advances.

While this is one of the main motivations for using products like this, some men also use them as a way to boost their self-confidence. As they feel more at ease in social and other settings, they find it possible to form new relationships, comfortable participating in conversations, and in general having a higher sense of worth.

Another benefit associated with pheromones is a more balanced mood. Some men find that using a product to go along with what their bodies already produce makes it easier to deal with stress, remain balanced, and avoid mood swings that can be detrimental in the workplace, in a social setting, and just about any other situation you can imagine.

Would I Prefer Using Pheromones?

There are plenty of testimonials that indicate the use of pheromone products helps men in more ways than one. From increasing the odds of having a date to feeling more confident, there seems to be a lot to the idea of augmenting what nature is already providing.

The human mating game works because it’s a mating game that tests the core strengths of our species. Female selectivity rewards the most socially competent, the most resourceful, the strongest, the meanest and the hottest, in various and often dynamic degrees depending on the overall state of the community these humans live in.

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