Chikara Pheromone Cologne | Things I Learned Using It

In this review, I will talk about making myself more attractive mentally, physically, and socially with Chikara Pheromone.

The thing I learned using Chikara Pheromones

Chikara pheromone cologneI put myself in my comfort zone by transporting a girl that I did not like, not in the physical sense but their personality. I took the time to listen to her thoughts and I realized that I wanted to label them as thinking in a certain way. After actually listening to her I realized she is just as human as me.

Later she even wanted to text me back after her 4-hour bus trip to say she is safe and wants to meet me later this year. I don’t why but listening and showing genuine respect for women goes a long way.

Is my current pheromone game delivering results? Sexually, no. Socially, a bit. Adventure wise so-so — which a 500% increase. I’m noticing because I watch way less anime. Self-development wise a ton. I’m glad I don’t care too much about sex, otherwise, I’d feel pretty down about these results.


Chikara contains the three main pheromones that all pheromone users value along with four other secret ingredients that Chikara are staying tight-lipped about, well that’s a great help! So let’s have a look at what we do know is in it.


Androstenol is regarded as a social pheromone. Effects often include a desire to socialize, a feeling of being relaxed, and a sense of youth and vigor. In essence, in this case, women being exposed to Androstenol would be more likely to become friendly and relaxed and would feel more at ease to engage in prolonged conversation during the period of exposure, i.e… a social pheromone.


Androstenone is a pheromone that increases sexual attraction.


It’s similar to Androstenone in a subtle way, inducing the following; Androsterone is a human pheromone that seems to have the effect of creating an aura of masculinity about the wearer and signaling an impression of protection, security, and reliability. Therefore, pheromone products containing this are likely to project an aggressive alpha impression (either alpha male or female), which might help you to be the center of attention and be noticed more. Since alpha aggressiveness is often associated with sex and good mate choice, this pheromone can create a sexual vibe and increase sexual tension.

Chikara Cologne Secret Ingredients

Ingredients 4, 5, 6, and 7 are kept under tight wraps by the makers of Chikara, so I can’t go into details about them, but they are reported to have never been used in a pheromone or perfume product before, and since Chikara cologne for men is so effective, they must be as well.  These 7 ingredients make up a full 10 mg of pheromone content per bottle.  That is twice as much as most of its competitors and it means that a little will go a long, long way. Overall, Chikara cologne for men is very easy to use, especially the scented version.

It smells great right out of the bottle and since pheromones don’t always smell good that is a definite plus, and it is packaged in a half ounce spray bottle applicator.  For most people, one bottle will last one to two months with regular usage. Because this product is so powerful you should only use a little bit at a time.  Most people do well with one spray per wrist to start.

Remember that with pheromone products you can always add more, but if you use too much you risk “overdosing” which means you come across as aggressive instead of attractive. That is one of the reasons you don’t need much to be effective and quality products like Chikara cologne will last a long time.  To get the most out of this product use a little to start and add from there until you achieve maximum effectiveness.  It sometimes takes a bit of testing to see what is the right amount

Benefits of Wearing Chikara Pheromone Cologne

There a few things I immediately noticed wearing Chikara.

Seizing The Moment

Chikara lowered my inhibition approaching women and lets me flow with the moment. Seizing the moment is about making the most of life as it comes, especially when it comes to women. It’s about accepting that we can never fully control the flow of things around us. Seizing the moment is about power. It’s about confidence. It’s about commitment. Chikara gives you control. It’s about staring your excuses in the face and proclaiming calmly and resolutely: I can change and I will change.

Increased Confidence

For me, confidence with women used to be impossible. As much as I tried to tell myself of all the good things in my life, of my loving family and friends, I could not right the ship. All I could see was bad in things. Chikara projects a confident aura that makes you smell and feel great about women. It gave me that initial boost I needed to feel comfortable and relaxed around her.

Contrary to common belief, confidence is in all of us. It’s not some mysterious, unreachable quality that only people of extreme success seem to wear around their necks. I would never be confident, I thought, until I started using pheromones and being more outgoing.

Things learned while using Chikara pheromones:

  1. I rely on women who find my archetype attractive. I suck with the rest.
  2. I’m better at stopping women.
  3. I took the ‘rejection’ a bit personal. And my ego is too big since they weren’t targets.
  4. My game is mediocre, I’m too serious half the time, I need good pre-screening (i.e. point 1).
  5. Increased knowledge of rhetoric is giving me a better strategically framework (ethos, pathos, logos).

Inner Game with Pheromones

I don’t want to change. Sex is cool but to compromise how I feel, how I look at the world sucks. Developing my personality is fine (e.g. meditation). Bantering women because I feel ‘I have to’ isn’t. I did that 5 years ago when I really wanted sex. Bantering women because I think is fun, that’s cool. So yea my game becomes dependent on whatever I feel like doing. I’m less pragmatic than I used to be.

This is an inner game issue. I feel that I don’t change it, the odds of me having sex are a lot lower. Yet, the sex / sensual connection will be more satisfying if I keep being me and just develop myself. It feels like a conundrum.

One way to resolve it by accepting that game mostly happens through the peripheral route of pheromone persuasion. Everybody wants to see their gifts wrapped in nice paper, if I don’t do this then I’ll miss meeting a lot of wonderful people just because I don’t want to share my gift in a nice wrap. I’m inclined to go for this view.

I notice in some cases I’m like this as well. I once took a feminism class, because the teacher was cool as hell and used my type of language. She was pretty hip. I didn’t do it because the topic sounded interesting. I did learn a couple of things from it, so yeah nice gift wraps help.

Using Chikara Pheromones To Increase Outer Game

Basically, your beliefs affect how you think and behave. They also affect how the world impacts you. So, what can you do to ensure that pheromone usage provides positive changes that last forever? This is easy to do. Pheromones change the way that you feel. This changes the way that you behave and think. It is a cycle that continues. You’ll constantly interact with your environment, which brings about a cycle of new results and reactions.

For example, consider this scenario. There is an overweight man, and he has very low self-esteem as a result. He hates his reflection in the mirror and believes he isn’t worthy of love. Every day, he goes through the same cycle. He never does anything to change things. He never tries to approach women, and he constantly belittles himself.

Now, do you think things would change if he understood how the cycle works? What if a lightbulb went off in his head and he decided to make self-improvements? He goes to the gym and eats healthier. After a while, people tell him that he looks better. He continues with his routine, and his confidence level goes up. The compliments continue, and he finally believes that he can reach his goals. Eventually, he breaks the cycle because his way of thinking has changed. He believes he can attract women and starts approaching them.

Although he isn’t as successful as he wants to be with women, he views this as a normal roadblock. He commits to getting better. Gradually, he starts to progress in other areas of life. And to think that all of this happens because he took steps to change. With pheromone usage as the first step, you can get needed results to change your beliefs. Use them to get great results, but understand that your natural pheromones will also kick in when things change and life gets better. It’s like putting the cart before the horse, metaphorically.

This is why pheromones can get you where you want to be faster.


Chikara smells awesome which makes it great as stand-alone cologne. I’ve actually had quite a few women look at me as if they were undressing me with their eyes. One woman I met in a store looked at me like she wanted to devour me right then and there. Just this week I was in the store and struck up a short conversation with a woman and she asked me for my phone number! That same night she called me. It breaks down personal space barriers. Even other men tend to be more helpful and less hostile to me when I wear it.

Where to buy Chikara Cologne for Men

I recommend that you order this product from  They provide competitive pricing, discreet packaging, and the best guarantee in the pheromone business.  Love-Scent has a 90-day money back guarantee, so if you are unsure about whether or not pheromones will work for you, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.  In addition, Love-Scent only carries quality products that contain the actual pheromones claimed, so you can be sure that what you order there is the real deal.  If you are looking for a high-quality pheromone product, I highly recommend Chikara cologne for men from

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