Chikara Pheromone Cologne | Things I Learned Using It

In this review, I will talk about aking myself more attractive mentally, physically, emotionally, mentally or socially with Chikara Pheromone.

Thing I learned using Chikara pheromones

Chikara pheromone cologneI put myself in my comfort zone by transporting a girl that I did not like, not in the physical sense but their personality. I took time listen to her thoughts and I realized that I wanted to label them as thinking in a certain way. After actually listening to her I realized she is just as human as me.

Later she even wanted to text me back after her 4 hour bus trip to say she is safe and wants to meet me later this year. I don’t why but listening and showing genuine respect to women goes a long way.

Is my current pheromone game delivering results? Sexually, no. Socially, a bit. Adventure wise so-so — which a 500% increase. I’m noticing because I watch way less anime. Self-development wise a ton. I’m glad I don’t care too much about sex, otherwise I’d feel pretty down about these results.

Lets dive in.

My pre-screening game is pretty good, but I don’t select the right venues. I screen women at central station and in Amsterdam center. The amount of targets at my disposal are a lot higher, and also in certain streets. I need to fix this. I walked around for 2 to 3 hours and saw no one on the general streets.

Pheromone Attraction Approach

I approached 2 women who looked really hot, but not my type, too mainstream, no geekiness, no intellectualism. I approached them out of boredom.

I compliment their style — for their ‘archetype’ it was really good.

They say thank you and walk further.

I say “stop for a moment”

They stop.

I explain the compliment.

We get into a discussion

They say they’re actually dressed down.

I ask them to explain me what dressing up means to them.

They say it would be an half hour talk on their part and excuse themselves, they need to catch their train.

I thought this was nonsense.

I told her “you can tell the essentials in one minute. You’ve done this a lot.”

She tells me she can’t.

I tell her that I can see she’s lying, but if she doesn’t want to tell it’s fine.

She looks angry and partially like I ‘caught her’ and repeats her lie.

I let them go. They weren’t targets, they were a test to see if they were true negatives. And they are.

Probably Mystery’s game would’ve worked good on them. I couldn’t care less.

Things learned while using pheromones:

  1. I rely on women who find my archetype attractive. I suck with the rest.
  2. I’m better at stopping women.
  3. I took the ‘rejection’ a bit personal. My ego is too big since they weren’t targets.
  4. My game is mediocre, I’m too serious half the time, I need good pre-screening (i.e. point 1).
  5. My knowledge in rhetoric is giving me a better strategically framework (ethos, pathos, logos).

Inner Game with Pheromones

I don’t want to change. Sex is cool but to compromise how I feel, how I look at the world sucks. Developing my personality is fine (e.g. meditation). Bantering women because I feel ‘I have to’ isn’t. I did that 5 years ago when I really wanted sex. Bantering women because I think is fun, that’s cool. So yea my game becomes dependent on whatever I feel like doing. I’m less pragmatic than I used to be.

This is an inner game issue. I feel that I don’t change it, the odds of me having sex are a lot lower. Yet, the sex / sensual connection will be more satisfying if I keep being me and just develop myself. It feels like a conundrum.

One way to resolve is by accepting that game mostly happens through the peripheral route of pheromone persuasion (click on definition here). Everybody wants to see their gifts wrapped in nice paper, if I don’t do this then I’ll miss meeting a lot of wonderful people just because I don’t want to share my gift in a nice wrap. I’m inclined to go for this view.

I notice in some cases I’m like this as well. I once took a feminism class, because the teacher was cool as hell and used my type of language. She was pretty hip. I didn’t do it because the topic sounded interesting. I did learn a couple of things from it, so yea nice gift wraps help.

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