Do Pheromones Work or Wishful Thinking?

Pheromone studies have been done in many countries around the world, and these studies have all shown that pheromones are directly linked to enhanced mood and sexual arousal. While the chemicals themselves have no control over actual sexual arousal, many people mistake the feelings that are caused by the chemicals when they are sent to the brain.

In the end, pheromones are closely linked to human attraction and are one of the most effective substances to use in order to enhance the attraction between two members of the opposite sex. Pheromones are tiny chemical particles that are created by the body for the purpose of attracting members of the opposite sex, and they are found both in humans and in members of the animal kingdom.

Do Pheromones Work?

The first studies into the chemicals began in the 1960’s, and research soon showed that the chemicals were effective at creating an attraction between members of the opposite sex in humans and animals alike. Different types of pheromone chemicals were discovered, and the effects of the various chemicals were also documented.

Why Pheromones Might Not Work

Reason 1: You aren’t a match for your existing pheromone

Maybe you’re wearing the wrong pheromone. It is a bad fit for you. Some men don’t wait long enough for the mental and physical effects of pheromones to work. You must feel self-effects in order for a pheromone to work. For instance, with certain products such as Alfa Maschio, Bad Wolf, Voodoo and Grail of Affection, “you” must aggressively make them work.

Yes, self-effects are very important for making pheromones work; however, you must take on a metaphorical role as well. Pheromones such as Aqua Vitae don’t work for some men because they don’t know how to play the game. Self-effects are known for making men confident, but you must confidently flirt with women for them to quickly work.

When you aren’t wearing the right pheromone, it may take weeks or even months for it to work effectively. On the other hand, some products work without a learning curve. However, if a product isn’t working, it’s probably because you’re wearing the wrong one. Allow pheromones to mold you into the person that you want to become.

Reason 2: Using pheromones that aren’t designed for your target

Just like I said with reason 5, if she is not mature, a product may not work. This is the case with products that contain androstadienone. The more mature she is, the more she is attracted to you. Depending on your target, you’ll see better results. This doesn’t just happen with androstadienone. A majority of pheromone products contain androsterone and androstenone. But then again, sometimes these products are very intimidating to women.

You have a responsibility to use pheromones correctly. Thus, if you think your pheromone intimidates your target, do not use it. Instead, use another pheromone or blend it with a buffer. Some women tend to respond better to sexual mixtures as opposed to romantic/fallout mixtures, or vice versa.

Reason #3: You’ve gotten tired of using pheromones

Surprisingly, this happened to me. I used them daily instead of for special events, and I got tired of using them. Basically, the thrill was gone. I felt more like a test rat instead of an alpha male. That wasn’t fun. Pheromones weren’t working for me anymore. I wasn’t getting enough attention. So, when this happens, what should you do?

  • Stop using pheromones for a couple of weeks.
  • Take vitamin B supplements to strengthen your mind and body
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Eat healthier

I did all of these things, which is a pheromone cleanse. I felt better emotionally. Eventually, I begin using pheromones again and felt like they were working. What changed? I basically had a different opinion about pheromones. The self-effects were present again. Amazingly, when I was burnt out, I wasn’t impressed with the women that were interested in me. But they were actually great women. I couldn’t see this because of my burnout. As a result, I do a pheromone cleanse every so often.

Pheromones and Attraction

Numerous researchers have been conducted about the various aspects of pheromones. The working of these chemicals is always a subject of interest in almost all of these researchers. Pheromones can be defined or described as powerful chemical signals that are produced in the body of human beings as well as other animals. There are varied reasons for the secretion of these chemicals by the body.

In the case of human beings, the purpose of secreting the pheromones is for attracting the opposite sex. This is not always the case when it comes to the matter of the animal kingdom. There are two different and opposite functions for the secretion of pheromones. One is for attracting the mate and other is as a mechanism of defense. This may differ according to the situation. In both the case of human beings and animals, the pheromones have a close relationship with the attraction of the opposite sex.

The mechanism in the body that differentiates the pheromones are so simple. There is a specific organ in the nose or the nasal cavity. It is called as a Vomeronasal organ. This organ will sense the presence of pheromones and sends a signal to the brain. The pheromone from the skin mixes with the air in the surroundings. The individual who inhales the pheromones will get a signal according to the type of the pheromone that is released. These pheromones have the ability to make the person inhaling it to behave in a different way than normal. The change in the behavior will also depend on the type of pheromone.

Role of Pheromones

Pheromones have a great role in making the human beings more socially adaptable. There are various reasons that have affected the natural ability of the human body to reduce or completely stop the ability of the body to produce pheromones. The living style, the food patterns, and even the climatic changes could be those factors that have caused this problem. With the passing of time, people have become more aware of the positive effects of pheromones in their social and personal life. This is the factor that has made a huge amount of increase in the demand for the various products that has pheromones in it. Different people use these products for different purposes. It could be in getting a date or for creating more exciting sex life with his or her partner.

It is a misconception that the use of pheromones will make them attractive for the opposite sex. There are some other factors that affect the feature of attraction. For example, a person who is not confident or has no sense of fashion and style will not get a positive result just because of the reason that he uses the pheromone products. Pheromones can only provide a much-needed edge for the individual in making themselves feel attractive to the people he is interested in. the real effort has to come from the part of the individual to get the desired result. One should not expect the pheromones to do all the job in attracting people. This could be one factor that creates a negative about the pheromone products that it is not working.


Pheromones use has gained within the last 5 years. There is still a lot to learn about them. Since they are so complex, this doesn’t surprise me. They’ll probably get even more difficult to understand in the future. But this just means that you will eventually get what you want if you keep testing.

So there you have it. Interesting facts, interesting tidbits, interesting things that make you think once, twice, or a night long about sex and sexual relations. Human sexuality is incredible. Sexual attraction is incredible too. When we think of how to attract more men and women, we learn that things are way more complicated than we ever thought.

Sexual attraction is an important facet of human interaction. So take what you’ve learned. Take the knowledge and the science and have a pep in your step. Next time you spot somebody in a bar, restaurant, party, or some other appropriate situation, make it happen. Rea: the language, gauge the context, and seize your opportunity with pheromones! Don’t be scared. It’s time to get it. Not time to fret it.

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