Do Pheromones Work or Wishful Thinking?

Pheromone studies have been done in many countries around the world, and these studies have all shown that pheromones are directly linked to enhanced mood and sexual arousal. While the chemicals themselves have no control over actual sexual arousal, many people mistake the feelings that are caused by the chemicals when they are sent to the brain.

In the end, pheromones are closely linked to human attraction, and are one of the most effective substances to use in order to enhance the attraction between two members of the opposite sex.

Pheromones are tiny chemical particles that are created by the body for the purpose of attracting members of the opposite sex, and they are found both in humans and in members of the animal kingdom.

The first studies into the chemicals began in the 1960’s, and research soon showed that the chemicals were effective at creating an attraction between members of the opposite sex in humans and animals alike. Different types of pheromone chemicals were discovered, and the effects of the various chemicals were also documented.

So MAYBE (just a speculation) when VISUAL became more important, some mate-molecule-pheromones became less important for us and thus didn’t affect our brain the same way it for many many motherfucking years ago… Just a thought to think about… Or maybe (another speculation) we all have a very specific LOCK (a specific enzyme that will REACT so you wanna fuck the one that started that reaction inside you), that is very individual and only a very specific KEY (a specific pheromone substance) will “OPEN” it (make you horny that you wanna fuck the shit out of the one who gave you this pheromone substance)… Or maybe (the last speculation) there is no such as mating molecule-pheromones, and there never was in human beings, because we maybe relied (did I spell it correct) on other way of processing the important information about our opposite sex: “Will this give me BETTER chance of replication and survival value?”…

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