My View On Homeopathy

Why would I care what homeopathy is? From the sounds of it, it is very stupid. But usage is usage…if people are using it to describe something broader then it is just a matter of clarifying terms, which we seem to have done.

As to creating strawmen…you evidently don’t know what a straw man is either. It can’t be a straw man if I added an explicit caveat in my responses explaining my use of the term. Creating a straw man is creating a argument that appears to be yours but is not. I explicitly recognized that this was not what you were claiming. Strengthens my belief that you don’t know what you’re talking about and you are just regurgitating talking points.

Nevertheless, you responded so… It’s fine if you don’t want to talk about alternative therapies generally, but if you then critique my analysis (which I explicitly said was on alternative therapies) don’t back up and then say that I am trying to take this thread off track.

Have you ever conducted a multivariate study?

Do you know how ridiculously complex the statistical analysis gets after even four variable interacting?

Let me know how you evaluate any surgical procedure double-blind. Manual manipulation and physical therapy probably falls into that camp as well. Psychological treatments that go beyond the administration of medicine are definitely out.

I think what you mean to say is that the double-blind study is standard for a claim that involves a single variable and a single predicted effect. In short, mostly what you are talking about is medication (which does not include multi-drug interactions).

Even in that case, you seem to have no grasp of how difficult and time-consuming (and thus expensive) it is to conduct the highly controlled experiments you love so much–which is why theorists give weight to controlled research, but tend to rely heavily on epidemiological and other non-controlled evidence.

What man knows is finite

What man knows is finite and completely dwarfed by what he does not know the infinite. Easiest example is the atomic structure of the elements. We have quantum theory to explain that. What we don’t have is what is in the space between all the subatomic particles.

What we do know is that the wave-functions for electrons in s-orbitals about a nucleus actually extend all the way down into the nucleus itself making the space between electrons and the nucleus not really empty. The electrons and the protons/neutrons are constantly interacting, either electromagnetically or through the weak force. In quantum field theory these particles are constantly exchanging photons (in the case of electromagnetism) or heavy gauge bosons (in the case of the weak force). Thus you might say that the otherwise ’empty’ space between the electrons and nucleus is ‘filled’ with these quanta carrying forces.

The point is that homeopathy is thought to deal in this quantum realm which is why the molecules they create their remedies with are no longer detectable in the solution. It is the properties of the solution beyond the atomic realm and into the quantum realm that the Homeopath is dealing with, it’s “Energetic Footprint” if you will. Then of course the whole treating likes with likes.

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