New Pheromone Additive Review

New Pheromone Additive

NPA for Men is one of the top pheromone products that work. Although it’s an additive and not really a pheromone cologne, experienced users know how to use it as a standalone product.

NPA contains androstenone, which is a very intense pheromone. This cologne additive is designed to be mixed with colognes to bring out their effects. But before we discuss NPA in detail, let’s talk more about the pheromone, androstenone.

Androstenone is known as a sexually based pheromone. It makes the wearer appear dominant, aggressive, competitive and sexual. It is the main ingredient in NPA for Men. However, understand that androstenone can produce bad side effects too.

About Pheromones

new pheromone additiveIf you are new to using pheromones, be forewarned that New Pheromone Additive is very potent because of its androstenone content. This is especially if you use too much of it with another cologne or attempt to use it as a standalone cologne. If you don’t use the right amount, you could experience androstenone overdose!

You’ll notice the following things:

  • Bad headaches
  • Bad Odors
  • Increased aggression from other males
  • Enhanced feelings of aggression on your part
  • Increased feelings of intimidation from the opposite sex
  • Increased negative reactions from everyone exposed to NPA

Read the label and follow the directions accordingly. This is the best way to avoid androstenone overdose.

You’re probably wondering why take the risk if NPA for Men is so powerful? Well, things get better once you know how to use pheromone colognes. Learn the correct dosages, and you won’t have to worry about experiencing negative side effects. As a matter of fact, you’ll love the results that you get with NPA.

Overall, there are risks, but the rewards are greater. Learn how to apply NPA and gradually increase the dosage to suit your comfort zone. When wearing NPA, observe the reactions of people around you. Also, pay attention to your own feelings. This will tell you if you’re using too much NPA for Men.

NPA for Men Field Test

I decided to test the NPA 10 times in the field. I knew that I probably wouldn’t be able to test it as much as I do other pheromone colognes because of androstenone’s high potency. As a result, NPA really shouldn’t be tested in a work environment. You could get both positive and negative reactions to your job. Think about it. Do you really want to trigger strong sexual emotions from your co-workers? Yeah, the receptionist is hot, but this is your place of employment dude.

So, I tested NPA in places such as nightclubs, bars, restaurants, and malls. I even tested it on a few dates. My first test took place at a restaurant. I agreed to meet a female co-worker after work for a few drinks. She’s a very attractive woman, but she has a boyfriend. This was just a drink, and I wasn’t interested in her sexually. I viewed her as a good test subject.

When we got to the restaurant, she claimed a table for the two of us. I went to the bathroom and applied a few drops of NPA behind my ears. I washed my hands and met her at the table.

We talked for 10-15 minutes about things happening at work. We’ve been friends for a while, so we had a nice casual conversation. Our waitress finally decided to come and take our orders. She was a cute little Latina woman in her twenties. Immediately, she paid special attention to me. I thought she stood rather close to me, actually too close. She read the beer menu to me and gave me very sexual looks. I could tell she was very attractive to me. This was strange, considering I am about 20 years older than she.

She took our orders and left. But she quickly returned, again and again. She also lingered each time that she returned. She continued to ask if I needed anything. Of course, she was smiling and looking at me in an intense way. Even my co-worker noticed that the waitress was hitting on me. She wanted to know if I knew her, which I didn’t.

During dinner, my co-worker and I started talking about personal relationships, family topics and about life in general. Then she told me that she’s always thought I was an attractive man. She also said she wanted to continue meeting me after work to rant and rave about work. See more New Pheromone Additive reviews.


Boy, did she slowly change? She started leaning towards me and giving me the same intense looks as our waitress. She also played with things on the table. But when she reached across the table to get a napkin, she also rested her hand on mine. She did other little things like this just to get closer to me.

This particular field test proved that NPA for Men really works. I finally ended the night before things could escalate. We walked out to the parking lot, said our pleasantries and hugged. However, she hung on a little bit longer than usual.

This was a very awkward moment for me. After all, my co-worker was making googly eyes at me. Then it happened. She leaned in for a kiss, but I turned away and nicely pulled away from her. I reminded her that she had a boyfriend. Luckily, she came to her senses and agreed with me. But she said it was best if we quickly got in our cars and left.

What I Learned About NPA for Men

This is a very powerful pheromone additive that is sexually alluring. You must be careful when using it. Do not apply more than necessary. Start out with small amounts. Yes, you want to get good results, but using too much could lead to negative results. Don’t risk experiencing androstenone overdose.

Since that night at the restaurant, I’ve used NPA a couple of other times. I’ve decided to add it to my collection of pheromone colognes. I also like to use Alpha 7 Scented, and Scent of Eros for Men. I’ll add NPA to each of these scents to bring them out even more. I’ve noticed that it’s especially powerful when I combine it with Alpha 7 Scented. It helps me attract Latina and African-American women.

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