5 Best Clinically Proven Penis Extenders

Using the right type of penis extenders is a matter of thoroughly doing your research. Each type has its own sort of pluses and minuses. Each approach is good in different situations. It can all depend on exactly how much you want to spend, exactly how much growth you need, and your specific situation and body type.

What Is A Penis Extender?

A penis extender is a device worn on the penis that increases the length and girth through a process called mitosis. They work on the simple yet effective principle of mechanical traction wherein minuscule amounts of stress are applied to the penis tissues over an extended period.

These medical grade devices have been around for over two decades and are considered one of the most effective ways to permanently enlarge the penis.


SizeGenetics is a durable product made with quality materials and an innovative comfort system. It was developed in the United States and Denmark and not only is it safe, but it is also very comfortable and convenient. SizeGenetics provides 58 ways to use the product.

You are guaranteed to find a comfortable fit because it fits penises with different lengths and thickness. 3M also produces comfort plasters that will stop your penis from slipping and rubbing against your clothing.

I think that this is one of the best penis extenders for the price. It is available in many different packages, and it even offers a 6-month money back guarantee. It provides 2,800 grams of tension force which is necessary to provide consistent results. The higher the tension, the more your penis will grow. On the market for many years, and it continues to be one of the best penis extenders available.

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Tension: 2800 grams
Guarantee: 6 months
Price: $199.95 – $299.95
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X4 Labs

Yes, X4 Labs really works, which is unlike other penis enlargement products that claim they can do everything under the sun and don’t.

X4 Labs uses traction force to exert continuous and prolonged tension to grow your penis. This is done carefully via a system of tension springs, tension screws and extension rods. This is the same type of tension force that tribes in Burma use to lengthen their necks.

When the penis is constantly pulled and stretched over a prolonged period of time, it will eventually get longer. This is similar to how muscle building works. The penis is slightly damaged as a result of the constant tension.

This small tear signals to the body that it needs to repair the damage. Your body will use blood cells to create new collagen. When the penis is stretched, torn and repaired repeatedly, this leads to long-term penis growth.

Tension: 3600 – 4200 grams
Guarantee: 6 months
Price: $79.99 – $299.99
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Pro Extender

This penis extender has a white frame that ensures your penis stays in an elongated position while you wear it. Tension is applied via metal rods and springs. It has a silica noose that clamps on your penis to keep it in place. You then twist screws to apply the right amount of tension.

The Pro-Extender gives you the option to position your penis up or down. Most likely this will depend on whether you sit or stand during your penis stretching session.

The Pro-Extender has one of the first designs for penis extenders. Other devices such as SizeGenetics tried to copy and improve this design. This is actually a good design since you don’t have to spend large amounts of time on manual stretching.

It’s a good thing that penile technology has changed greatly since the first rod-based penis extender was designed. As a matter of fact, numerous research studies prove that most men were not happy with this original design.

But men need to demand more from a penile device. You want it to be comfortable, convenient and easy to use. These are the things that will determine if you’ll use it as directed or throw it into the closet. Remember, you won’t experience good results unless it is used every day for a number of months.

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Tension: 2400 grams
Guarantee: 6 months
Price: $299.95 – $299.95
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Male Edge Pro

DanaMedic is a Danish company that manufactures the Male Edge series of rod-based penis extenders. This is a new version of the Jes-Extender.

There are plenty of rod-based penis extenders on the market such as X4 Labs, Jes-Extender, and SizeGenetics. They basically function in the same manner. You may see differences in terms of mechanical functions and colors. However, not all of them are worn the same. The Male Edge requires that your penis shaft is strapped into the penis extender. This can only be done via a restrictive plastic strap and not a silicone noose.

Also, you don’t wear a padding strap with this version, which many men don’t like because the plastic on the device rubs against the skin. Unfortunately, this means you must find a more expensive extender. In terms of comfort, the Male Edge is pretty good, if you opt for the more expensive choices.

The basic model is not a good choice for comfort. In terms of other rod-based extenders, it compares well to Pro Extender and SizeGenetics. All in all, this is a good penis extender. Do your research and compare costs and shipping options.

Full Male Edge Review
Price: $149.99 – $199.99
Guarantee: 6 months
Tension: 1200 – 2000  grams
Overall Score: B-
Sold By: MaleEdge.com

The PeniMaster Pro

The PeniMaster Pro has both a vacuum and rod design that triggers cell hyperplasia. It creates penis growth that lasts permanently. When I wear it, it feels just like I’m wearing the Pro-Extender penile device.

In terms of comfort, it feels fine when I sit down. Although it doesn’t hurt, it isn’t as comfortable when I walk. Choose the belt system as opposed to the rod frame. This choice makes it feel like you’re wearing the PhalloGauge Model S or the PhalloSan extender.

The PeniMaster didn’t cause any pain and it stretches well. I think it does a good job. It ensures that your penis stays in the right position and it doesn’t slip off of the device.

A majority of men don’t care how penis extenders look. They want them to secure the penis and ensure growth results. This one doesn’t disappoint.

PhalloSan Forte

This penis extender is very comfortable during penis stretching sessions. It has a side stretch, which gives you more flexibility. Rod-based extenders don’t have this feature. The product even looks nice, and this includes the belt and foam loop.

It’s easy to adjust this extender via the elastic belt buckle. This can be done while you have the device on.

All in all, this is a good option if you need an efficient option, but it is a bit pricey at $335 plus shipping. Also, think about some of the things that need to be done to make this penile device work:

  • You must put baby powder on your penis and condom sleeve during each stretching session.
  • You must constantly follow a routine whenever using an extender. For example, there are other requirements in addition to the baby powder.
  • You cannot wear this in public, and this depends on your pants and lifestyle choices.

Although you may not find the operating requirements for the PhalloSan bothersome, take them into consideration. You don’t want to throw an expensive penis extender into the back of a closet because it’s too hard to use.

How Do Penis Extenders Work?

Penis extenders work by gradually applying mechanical force to the penis over an extended period of time which is often many months. The penis sits in a cradle that supports the shaft and the head of the penis is wrapped in a cushioned noose which pulls the penis forward by the use of adjustable steel rods. The rods create the necessary tension to provide cellular division which leads to growth in both length and girth.

On the cellular level, the skin’s cells break into distinct daughter cells in a process known as mitosis. During the last stage of mitosis, known as cytokinesis, the body repairs itself by filling in the gap created by the skin cells’ breakdown. With each complete cycle of mitosis on the penile skin cells, the penis continues to grow. This is known as the traction principle in which stretching a body part causes it to adapt and grow. This is the only way to achieve natural permanent gains.

During the above-mentioned process, the internal cavities of the penis including the bloodstream are also forced to expand. The result is greater blood flow to the penis that, in turn, translates to improved erection strength, ejaculation control, and overall sexual stamina.

Clinical Studies

Scientific studies have also been conducted on the efficacy of these penile traction devices. Researchers have discovered that these penis extenders can produce an “effective and durable lengthening of the penis” in general. Let’s take a look at three of the most notable studies on this matter:

• In a study published in the International Journal of Impotence Research in 2002, a penile extender device added 0.7 inches to penile length after 4 months of use for a minimum of 6 hours a day.

• In a similar study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine in 2010, another brand of extender was also effective in increasing penile length.

• In a study conducted by researchers at the University of Turin, men in the study gained an average of 0.9 inches (flaccid) and 0.5 inches (erect) length.

Of course, the proper and regular use of penis extenders affected how well these devices worked on specific individuals.

Average Penis Extender Gains

Based on clinical studies, beginners without prior penis enlargement can expect gains of half an inch within six to eight months and approximately an inch within 12 months on a 3-4 hour routine 5-6 days a week. For veterans who have done jelqing, vacuum pumps, and other penis enlargement methods (have already gained an inch), you can gain a half inch in six to twelve month. Gaining the first inch is the easiest and the second inch is the hardest. That is my prediction based on what I have gained.

I gained one inch using the Sizegenetics extender in six months and six months later I added a half inch. I also lost 5 lbs which could have been part of it. Individual results will vary but the second inch is harder. If you have already gained an inch and half then you probably will not get as much from it. As long as you wear it for six to eight hours a day you will get results.

What is the Best Way to Use a Penis Extender?

Put your penis in the plastic stretcher’s base ring. Position the glans in the cradle by using a comfort pad or silicone noose. Start from the beginning if you experience pain or discomfort. A majority of penis extenders have various comfort accessories to ensure comfort.

Adjust the traction and tension based on your comfort level. First-time users should begin with a lower traction level and build up tension over time.

If you need an additional extension rod, choose the right one and position it correctly. You’ll need this additional rod if your penis is longer than the original structure. Usually, most penis extender packages already have these rods; however, some brands require that they are ordered separately.

Create a Routine

The best way to make use of a penis extender is to create a plan and stick to it. This is especially important in terms of the amount of time that you wear it. A lot of penis extenders come with suggestions for a routine. SizeGenetics includes a recommended routine with its penis extenders.

Although you may want to wear your device longer than recommended, this is not a good idea. It will not give you quicker results. As a matter of fact, it could result in unwanted pain and even injury.

You do not have to feel pain in order for your device to work. If you experience pain while using your penis extender, stop use ASAP. Do not continue your stretching routine until the pain goes away, which may take a couple of days.

Do Not Overstretch

Contrary to belief, the less that you stretch, the better. Why is this true? If you overstretch, this will not help you get larger or get results faster. If you want to increase the tension, do it gradually until you’ve reached the maximum amount of traction force.

Consistency is Golden

Do not expect overnight results with penis stretching. This does not happen when it comes to penis enlargement. The best way to get maximum results is to use the device consistently.

Consistency is the key when it comes to penis enhancement. This is preferred over overstretching and causing pain or injury. Use your device correctly and avoid overstretching. This is a safe strategy to get desired results.

When you feel that you want to go to the next level, bump up the tension gradually. Unfortunately, you will feel a little pain, but once you find your comfort level, stick with it before going to another level.

Are Penis Extenders Safe?

When it comes to penis traction safety there is really only one rule you must understand and observe. Never utilize an extended for more than eight hours in a 24 hour period and do not force a hard stretch. Of course, this usually leads to the next question:

What constitutes a hard stretch?

As you can imagine this often creates some confusion, particularly for first-time users of a penis extender. After all these devices do not have a meter attached to let you know how much force to apply. Do not worry, there is a simple formula for determining the right amount of force that provides safe results.

Safe force equals just enough to fully lengthen your flaccid penis plus a little more.  What is a little bit more? A good stretching force is enough to extend a flaccid penis completely and then extend about a half an inch more.  If you are curious about what this force is like, you can practice even if you do not yet have an extender.

You want to extend your flaccid penis by the glans (mushroom tip), simply take it in hand and pull the member away from your body but only enough to achieve maximum flaccid length. Hold the tip in your hand and move away from the body slowly.

You will know you have reached full elongation when you begin to feel your penis resist forward movement. It will pull back against your hand giving you a feeling of tension.

When you reach this point of tension apply just a bit more pressure by pulling with your hand a slight distance past your current position. You have now come to the exact correct amount of force.  Keep in mind this force should not inflict pain, just another simple rule to remember.  No pain means NO PAIN, so if it is hurting stop immediately and assess the situation. Something is out of kilter and you need to take corrective action.

The Most Common Problems

Generally, first-time users are the ones who experience the most problems. A majority of penis extenders are relatively safe and effective, although some beginners experience problems.

All penis extender packages come with some type of user information in either a text, video or audio format. Read all instructions and information before using your new penile device. Failure to do so can result in plenty of wasted time and frustration.

When you wear the device too much, this can result in unwanted side effects. The same happens when your penile device is worn incorrectly, and this is the most common problem that new users face. Read your guide thoroughly to address manufacturer information concerning durability, efficiency and most importantly, safety.

Generally, the top stretchers on the market are of high caliber. But then again, when they are worn incorrect, you will experience negative side effects. However, keep in mind that you should discontinue using the moment that you experience bad side effects. But they usually go away in a few days. Continue use once the side effects subside.

The following are some of the most common side effects to look out for:

  • Penis Pain
  • Skin irritation on the penis shaft or glans
  • Damaged blood vessels
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Impotency

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