Penomet Penis Enlargement Review

Penomet is a water-assisted penis pump with a unique Gaiter System that allows you to gradually, safely and comfortably increase the pressure used to enlarge your penis. This innovation allows users to spend as little as 15 minutes per pumping session and achieve visible results shortly thereafter.

How It Works

PenometThe five interchangeable gaiters allow for the application of different pressure levels that gradually and painlessly pull at the penis shaft. This process creates gaps in the tissue where new cells grow and thereby strengthen the penile tissue.

The use of water allows the application of equal pressure within the cylinder for uniform growth along the whole length of the penis, unlike with other conventional air vacuum penis pumps that give asymmetrical and disproportionate results. The water action is helped by the presence of a non-return valve at the end of the cylinder; it closes after the pumping action stops and allows the gaiter to expand.

The gaiters are color-coded according to the pressure exerted, so that should make usage a lot easier. Having a selection of gaiters is a lot better over having just one set as one standard device can take a long time to work and give you results. With Penomet, and with different pressure applications each use, you are guaranteed results achieved 65% faster compared to other brands.

Before using any part of the Penomet Penis Enlargement System, always read the product directions. As with other products, seek professional advice before, and consult your doctor or pharmacist if you have an underlying medical condition (including but not limited to diabetes, epilepsy, and hyperthyroidism) or if on medication.

Testimonials are examples of results achieved by real users. They have been edited for clarity, and in some stock photography has been used to represent testimonials from real customers. Individual results may vary.

Choosing the Perfect Penomet System for You

There are three ways to get your own Penomet System. To start improving your penis size and your sex life today, simply choose the package that’s right for you and click the orange “Order Now” button. The Penomet EXTRA package is our best value ever!


  • The Penomet Penis Enlargement Pump with force 70 gaiter
  • 365-day money-back guarantee
  • Access to SILVER SUPPORT
  • Discreet shipping & billing
  • Free access to My Penomet
  • 1-year warranty
  • $127

Penomet EXTRA

  • The Penomet Penis Enlargement Pump with force 70 gaiter
  • 365-day money-back guarantee
  • Access to GOLD SUPPORT
  • Discreet shipping & billing
  • Free access to My Penomet
  • 2 extra gaiters, force 65 and 75
  • Lifetime gaiter replacement
  • 2-year warranty
  • $197


  • The Penomet Penis Enlargement Pump with force 70 gaiter
  • 365-day money-back guarantee
  • Access to GOLD SUPPORT
  • Discreet shipping & billing
  • Free access to My Penomet
  • All gaiters, including force 60, 65, 70, 75 & 80
  • Lifetime gaiter replacement
  • 3-year warranty
  • Free 2-day shipping with USPS (US/EU)
  • $297

Is Penomet a Scam?

No, Penomet is not a scam. It is a real product that I have used and had life-changing results from. Check out my homepage for my experience and results using Penomet. It has been widely accepted by medical practitioners for cell regeneration through the application of tension to encourage cell growth and/or reproduction.

There are a lot of penis pumps that offer fast results, but only Penomet does it with its unique and innovative Gaiter System. Its design allows for flexibility, comfort, and quick positive results; its size makes it very portable convenient enough to be lugged around when you travel.

It is safe, easy to use, and guaranteed to work.

Money Back Guarantee

Since the manufacturers of Penomet have proven the effectiveness of the product through clinical trials and scientific studies, they are willing to offer a money-back guarantee to any dissatisfied customer. If for some reason, you are not happy Penomet will provide you with a 60 days money back guarantee.

Bare-in-mind, that you will definitely see results in the first 30 days, so when I came to purchase Penomet, I knew that either way I get a bigger penis or I don’t lose my money anyway. As it turned out, my penis increased in length and girth.

My Review

This pump is different from other pumps in that it is water based and you can use it in the shower and after it’s pumped you don’t have to stay in the shower. You can then go lie on your bed and let it work its magic!

For me and with pumping almost daily since mid-2012, my penis has grown larger and the results appear to be permanent. This is true whether I’m flaccid or erect. My penis is about 2.25 inches longer than it was and my girth increased over 1 inch.

For me, the Penomet pump worked flawlessly. When I pumped it up it stayed in place and there was no leakage. This pump stayed on and maintained water inside of it which is part of how it works and makes it so you don’t have to keep pumping it. The water doesn’t compress so it forms around your penis so that it gets bigger all over not just at the head. After a couple of months, you’ll notice that your gains will stay for hours. At my sixth month mark, my gains appeared permanent but I still pump.


So basically this pump makes a strong and safe vacuum around the whole penis which causes the penis to expand and get bigger. Over time both the length and thickness of your penis will increase. You get these things called “gaiters” which are used to adjust the force of the pumping. I might add that it is a lot safer than the old penis pumps because of the inclusion of water. Overpumping is not an issue and the thing is quite comfortable.  Visit Official Site.

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