Pherazone Ultra Super Concentrated Review

Pherazone is one of the most talked about names when it comes to pheromone products. The company has a variety of different products one the market, but I would say that their Pherazone Ultra Concentrated is certainly their flagship product, at least in terms of concentration. While their basic entry level pheromone product contains 36mg of pheromones per fluid ounce, Pherazone Ultra Concentrated contains a whopping 108mg of pheromones per fluid ounce.

I cannot say this with 100% certainty, but as far as I am aware of, no other pheromone product has a higher concentration of pheromones. So yes, this is certainly a potent product, but before you get too happy, you need to know that it is certainly not cheap. In fact, I seriously doubt you will be able to find Pherazone Ultra Super Concentrated for under $200.

So, why all the hype? Well, to begin with, Ultra Concentrated is roughly 15 times more concentrated than most, if not all of the other leading brands. It is also manufactured in a FDA approved facility, so at you have some peace of mind that it’s not being produced in some shady person’s basement.

What Effects Can You Expect?

First allow me to say that with pheromones, there is no “one size fits all” type of product out there. In other words, different guys will have different experiences. After all, pheromone products cannot make miracles happen.

Scented and Unscented

If I remember correctly, Ultra Super Concentrated is available in both a scented and unscented version, but I may be wrong. I only have experience with the scented Pherazone Ultra, and I can tell you, even if there were no pheromones in this product, I will still be happy to use it, but obviously I would not be will to pay so much. It honestly has a really appealing scent (maybe I’m gay hahaha). Seriously though, I would describe the scent as being very clean, crisp, and masculine.

On numerous occasions after I had applied only two squirts, I had people commenting on my so-called cologne. Now, most women, and especially those who have never met you before, would not dream of telling how good you smell. If a female stranger tells you that they think you smell great, then in my mind, it is akin to them opening their front door and inviting you in, which of course means that the odds are already in your favor.

More Self Confidence

It is also a tremendous boost for your self-confidence. On one occasion, I received so many compliments that by the end of the night I could probably have chatted up any woman on the planet because I really was than confident. What I also like about this product is that it seems to do away with the chances of you ending up in the “Friends Only” zone. You know, when you are getting really close to the mark with a woman, and then suddenly you become a friend rather than a sex partner.

This was never the case when I was using Pherazone Ultra. It seemed to me that women knew where things were heading to, and they just relaxed and allowed themselves to go with the flow. Don’t get me wrong, because I still had to do some of the usual work, and No, I was not successful with every Woman I hit on, but, I certainly woke up with a big smile more often than I usually do.

What I Like

  • Scent – Of all the pheromone products I have tried so far, I would say that this must be about the best smelling one of them all.
  • Self Confidence – Whenever I was using this product, I experience a very clear increase in my self-confidence.
  • Potent Door Opener – Nearly every woman I targeted was quite happy to engage in some banter and conversation. Sure, I never got laid each time, but this spray certainly help to open doors

At around $200 per bottle, this is definitely too expensive for me to be using daily on a long-term basis. I will buy it again, but it will be more like a special treat every once in a while, and I will only use it when I’m not having much luck with woman and I really need to get laid urgently.

Friendzone Killer

Pherazone is the perfect formula to get you out the friendzone and give you a second chance to make a good impression. This is an opportunity that you should not ignore.

Pherazone works better the longer that you wear it. The more that women are exposed to the product, the faster they get crushes on you. She won’t be able to get you out of her mind. You’ll become “Mr. Romance” in her memory bank. I think that this is what is known as the “reset” effect.

If she had bad memories about you, she’ll forget them fast. She’ll create new and better memories of you. The more that she is exposed to Pherazone, these become permanent memories. You are now a very important part of her life.

She realizes that she has feelings for you and starts acting like your girlfriend. The funny thing about this new behavior is that you’ve haven’t defined your relationship as of yet. She thinks that you are boyfriend material and would never think of you as just a friend.

This is when the fallout effect takes place. She starts to act strange because she’s suddenly overcome with feelings that she cannot explain. Now, it could take anywhere from hours to days for these romantic feelings to kick in.

If you are really in the friendzone, it could take even longer. Why? This is because she already knows you. She has a lot of bad memories of you that she has to erase. But if you aren’t in the friendzone, then the fallout effect could take place in just a few hours.

Memorable Experiences

Another interesting thing about Pherazone is that women will remember you a very long time once they’ve been under its influence. For instance, when I was much younger, there was this woman who started searching for me in a crowded room only after a few hours.

We finally talked again, and it seem like we had just met. Basically, we had the same chemistry that was there when we first clicked.

This time, I wasn’t going to miss an opportunity to make a move. Things went very well. I hate getting dumped, and it’s even worse when you want to be more than just friends with the girl of your dreams. If only you had a second chance to make the perfect move.

Honestly, I don’t think that men have a fair advantage. There are plenty of men competing to be with the same hot and beautiful women. But most men don’t have the chance to make a good first impression or prove that they are “the one.

Let’s go into more detail about how the imprint effect works. Generally, women remember what you say, do and how you make them feel. Thus, you will stay in their memory longer if these memories are good. This is how make her want to change from just friends to something more. When they have good memories of you, they always want you to be close to them. They are attracted to you and want more attention.

If you don’t believe me. Test the power of Pherazone. Talk to a few women for a couple of days and then ignore them. (Personally, I’d probably wouldn’t test this theory on someone that I liked.) You’ll discover that these same women will do anything to get your attention once the imprint effect starts to work.

Other Effects

  • Pherazone will greatly boost your chances of attracting the hot women that you want, even if they don’t know that you’re alive right now.
  • At first, women are confused by their feelings for you. They don’t understand why they like you all of a sudden. As a result, don’t be surprised if they start acting weird around you or try to totally avoid you. But be patience. The power or Pherazone is working on them. This is a good thing because she is developing romantic feelings for you. Now is the time to ask her for a date and then make your perfect move.
  • You’ll have an allure that makes women wonder if you are good enough for them. Pherazone makes them feel this way. They are challenged to work hard for your affection. But play it cool and don’t react too fast. Make them come to you, but don’t be too cool. You must take action too. After all, you’re supposed to be “the man.” This is how she changes from your friend to your girlfriend. This is also a way to get that stubborn woman down the street to stop ignoring you. Just don’t take too long to make your move.
  • Women will flirt more and be more open to your advances when you wear Pherazone. This presents more chances for you to talk to them and do whatever you want to do. Don’t use this warm and fuzzy feeling and get trapped in the friendzone again. Take things to the next level. Get personal and ask about her hobbies and passions. Ask if she has a boyfriend. Don’t be shy. Make yourself memorable so that she will never forget you.

My Advice For Using Pherazone

Studies reveal that women find men more attractive when they don’t know if the man likes them or not. This is an important thing to remember. Women are typically good reads of men who are interested. When countless men are vying for a woman, it is often easy for the female to detect the slobbering masses. This sense of desperation or obsession makes the man seem weak, as the woman knows what he is about and knows that she can potentially manipulate his compliance if need be. In general, women are emotionally more intelligent, picking up subtle cues and sensing aspects of a person’s emotions.

Pherazone will take a lot of the guess work away with approaching and mingling with women. With that said, when a woman is uncertain about a man’s feelings, that woman is more likely to find the man attractive. This likely has to do with the fact that women are suddenly challenged and now more interested in the man, for the simple fact that they want to know what they seemingly can’t. Once this thinking and pondering reaches a certain point, women often conclude that because the man is stuck in their heads, they must like the man.

Play it cool with pheromones, show confidence, and be playful. This has always worked well for me and it works even better when you’re using pheromones like Pherazone.

What I Learned

  • Keep everything playful. Keep screening for the one who wanna play, If they don’t, so what… My first attempts kinda fizzled out, but I was more into having fun/catching up with friends than getting laid.
  • Keep escalating, don’t even acknowledge if she doesn’t respond right away, if she’s staying, not slapping you, or kicking you in the nuts, or telling to fuck off, it is still on.
  • And when the opportunity comes, she’s into you in every aspect, pounce on it and go all in… Either you get blown out and you haven’t wasted anyone’s time or you get laid right away, if you’re after that, if you’re after the quality girl I heard many great relationships set off like these, from girl friends.

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