Pheromone Spray Reviews [UPDATED]

There is a pheromone spray that works based upon medical studies and with proven results. However, it doesn’t work how you think, not in the get any woman type of way, but it does increase attraction in women.

Yes, pheromones work. It’s not a placebo effect. If you think you are more attractive to women then your mind will start noticing evidence to support that. If you think you’re no good and all women hate you, your brain will look for evidence for that. It’s all about your state of mind.

Pheromones Research

The scent/smell is based upon that exuded by mothers with newborn babies, there was a lot of research into just why it worked and the theory i liked most was one based upon human pro creation and the scent being a trigger to the other females in the pack of a safe place/time to procreate

The original tests were done with women not being shown men, and only being shown pictures of men, without any external stimulus i.e. men, the female test subjects were measured for a variety of factors, internal temperature, fluid production, full body heat scans, eye dilation etc, all showed what science defines as increased levels of attraction when being exposed to the scent

Another test was women just being shown pictures of men and their levels recorded, and then subsequently being shown the same pictures with the scent present, all showed increased signs of attraction,

When test “in the field by men” the results are both promising and dissapointing, the scent is not a “wonder drug” it doesn’t turn women into sex starved animals, it did on whole lead to women being friendlier and more open to the men and showing more signs of interest based on their personal reports.

If anyone can remember the exact studies and scent can you let us know the name and if you’ve tested it, if so the results.

As I’ve experienced it, the pheromone effect is a deal-closer and relationship maker, nothing more.

When you get up close with a girl and she just smells so *right* that you become drunk on her – that is the pheromone effect.

It has often been said that who you end up married to comes down to random luck and pheromones.

I’ve been in relationships where I stayed beyond the use by date, simply because of how *right* she smelled. In the same way, I’ve left girls because they smelled *wrong*. It isn’t about smelling good or bad, it is this deep, animal instinct.

That, gentlemen is what the pheromone effect is all about. We did an experiment in biology class frosh year of college where both females and males were given a t-shirt and told to sleep in that same t-shirt for a week. The goal was to identify whether the t-shirt belonged to male or a female. Girls were about 75% successful at identifying whether a shirt belonged to a guy or a girl.

I’m sure there are commercial pheromones that can elicit a reaction from a girl when you are up close, but the pheromone effect is really about how two people “fit” and an off-the-shelf pheromone isn’t going to help much in the long run.

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