Pheromones For Women To Boost Attraction

The topic of attraction is one that is sometimes examined from a scientific perspective. Most may find such an approach to be unnecessary since assessment will be made that personal likes and desires will be at the root of all forms of attraction. This is true but there may be other factors at work. Among them would be pheromones which can often play a greater role in the science of attraction than most people realize. Human pheromones are available for men and women.

The Basics of Attraction

There are certain things that most definitely do play a major role in whether or not one person is attracted to another. Looks do count for a lot. Unless there is some level of physical attraction present then it is not likely two people will ever become potential paramours.

The notion that personality will play a part in developing attraction to another person is assuredly not a cliché. There must be a likability associated with the personality of an individual in order for attraction to manifest. Even psychological factors will play a part. There may be aspects deep within the psyche of a person that leads him or her to be attracted to someone else.

While all these factors may play a role in the development of being attracted to someone, it would not be wise to ignore the role pheromones play in how people are attracted to one another. At the core of the science of attraction can be found the role pheromones for women play.

The very first study into the subject of how pheromones occur ex in 1971. The study was conduct by Martha McClintock, PhD, who was a psychologist at the University of Chicago. This study made notes of how the release of pheromones coincided with menstrual cycles. Over the years, further research into pheromones took place. From these studies, we now have a better understanding of the role pheromones play in manifesting attraction. Furthermore, we also know that the attraction capabilities of pheromones will be connected to social and psychological factors.

There have been quite a number of psychological and sociological studies that have been performed over the years to draw a profile of the common traits of attraction. One study noted women will commonly be attracted to men that present somewhat of a masculine swagger. It could be noted that masculinity is desirable since it connects to the alpha male concept of a good mate in evolutionary terms. Of course, in our modern society, other factors will connect to enhance levels of attraction. For those that find a swagger alone is not enhancing attraction, products such as pheromones sprays might be used. These sprays may very well offer the extra attraction capable of boosting interest.

The McClintock Study

In the McClintock study, it was noted that when men produce androstadienone in the form of secretions, they are releasing something that can draw in the attraction of women. In a similar vein, women can produce a secretion known as estratetraenol which can act as an attractant to men. The ability to harness these secretions in a product form may very well deliver a means of attracting the opposite sex through better science. However, McClintock was quick to point out there are other factors that tie into attraction. Supplements can only do exactly that: supplement something that already exists to a certain level. This should not be considered a negative assessment. After all, any discovery that can contribute to levels of attraction has value.

It can be said there will always be a level of controversy present regarding how much pheromones will contribute to attraction. This is why there will never be an end to the number of studies being performed. This can be considered a good thing because the more studies that are undertaken then the more likely we will someday come to definitive conclusions about how pheromones effective the science of attraction.

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