Pheromones that Accelerate the Process of Attraction

Pheromones will accelerate the process of attraction considerably. Pheromones give men a sexual advantage over women because they will feel more attracted to their partner. If you want to get the most out of human pheromones and perfumes then it is advised that you pick up a bottle of Pherazone.

Pheromones and Vomeronasal Organ

Pheromones are detected by the vomeronasal organ in humans which many experts believe has had an evolulationay role. The vomeronasal organ is responsible for the detection of odors and send chemical signals to the bran that illicit an emotional response.

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Pheromones in Our Lives

An unmarried man living alone on a remote island notices that when he visits the mainland and spends time with women, his facial hair grows faster.

When people dance, they also perspire, which allows their pheromones to be released into the air. Sometimes, a fast dance is followed by a slow one during which the woman moves in toward the man’s body, her face and nose close to his armpits.

Blonds, brunettes, and redheads are said to possess distinctly different body odors, and men often express preferences for the color of hair they like on a woman. Women, too, have their own ideas about what is attractive in a man. Could these preferences be related to classes of pheromones genetically linked to hair color?

The benefit of pheromone sex has intrigued anthropologists and evolutionary scientists for years. But if we look closer at the physiology of oral sex, we find that it might have significance in mate selection.

A preference of hair color, an attraction to sweat, dancing, oral sex, body odor-all are examples of how pheromones might be able to influence our interactions with other people. Is a preference for a specific hair color based on the pheromones and body odor of the person we admire? When we say we love dark hair, are we really saying we like people whose body chemistries produce pheromones that are most pleasing to our vomeronasal; organs?

Strands of hair make an especially practical way for pheromones to deliver their messages. Pheromones cling to strands of 73 hair, only you can’t see or feel them. That’s why our underarms and groin areas (and, in men, the chest, which can be hairy) are I so heavily imbued with pheromones; we hold them close in , our axillary and pubic hair. When the skin is warm and moist, as it is in the groin and armpit areas, pheromone-containing perfume.

Pheromones and Homosexuality

This paragraph discusses the link between pheromones and homesexuals. The controversial debate about what causes homosexuality in humans continues. Some claim homosexuality is genetically determined, while others believe a persuasion for members of one’s own sex is more affected by how a person is raised and what he or she was exposed to as a child. As the fetal brain develops, numerous hormones come into play that determine the baby’s gender. These hormones are also thought to affect the brain wiring of the fetus. If the hormones are thrown off kilter, the baby’s sexual orientation can be altered. But if homosexuality is biologically determined, could pheromones also be involved?

British neuroanatomist Simon LeVay has written extensively about the possible pheromonal origins of homosexuality. His research has led him to his theory that homosexuality is determined by genetic factors. Specifically, he studied the hypothalamus, homing in on the INAH-3 nucleus, which he thinks could be linked to a sexual preference for women. He found that this nucleus varies in size depending on a person’s sexual orientation. The nucleus is significantly smaller in homosexual males than it is in heterosexual males, and more similar in size to the nucleus of a heterosexual female.

The Pheromone Connection

One study looked at how the chemical composition of urine might indicate who is heterosexual and who is homosexual to understand the role pheromones played. Researchers collected urine from male volunteers and tested the samples for levels of androsterone and etiocholanolone, both of which may have pheromonal properties. The findings were surprising: The urine of the male volunteers who divulged later that they were homosexual contained higher concentrations of etiocholanolone and lower concentrations of androsterone than did the urine of the heterosexual males. In the heterosexual men, just the opposite occurred: There was more androsterone than etiocholanolone present in their urine. Subsequent studies have supported these results. Androsterone and etiocholanolone are byproducts of testosterone and other androgen breakdown by the liver.

A scientific consultant for Human Pheromone Sciences, a company that manufactures Realm-perfumes containing synthesized human pheromones discovere noted the women’s fragrance contains more male pheromones than female pheromones, and the male version contains more female pheromones than male. The formulations are designed to give the wearer a dose of the pheromones of the opposite sex. On several occasions, homosexual men told Moran they preferred the women’s version of the perfume over the male version.

While the fact that some homosexual men express a preference for a perfume containing a high percentage of male pheromone is anecdotal, it points to the possibility that homosexuality may be linked to pheromone production and perception.

Moran notes that a male preference for a male pheromone could involve differences in the VNO, the hypothalamus, and their interconnections. Perhaps future studies into the link between sexual orientation and the sixth sense will give us answers.

Fear and Intuition: Pheromones, Too?

A new field of study has caught the attention of the media: how people can tap into their intuition to protect themselves from becoming crime victims.

Every situation is different, but experts point to pheromonal similarities that can act as guidelines in assessing potentially dangerous scenarios: body language, voice inflection, speech patterns, and how language is used to intimidate and create a false sense of intimacy. The basic theory underlying violence prediction is that we know on a subconscious level if someone is not quite right. Without realizing we’re doing so, we pick up on subtle cues in a person’s speech and body language.

Pheromone Signals That Protect Us from Violence, has captured the attention of readers intent on finding out how they can avoid becoming targets of crime, contends that fear itself is a good measure of potential problems. De Becker claims we are hard-wired to process the subtleties of fear in amazingly accurate ways. He describes it this way in an interview in Red 190012: “You feel fear. The doors to the elevator open and you see a man inside who causes you to feel apprehension. Maybe it’s the way he looks at you, his size, his eyes—it doesn’t matter why. But your intuition speaks to you in clear terms, telling you there is danger. . . . Your intuitive capabilities have an extraordinary capacity to protect you. . . . Intuition is the cornerstone of your safety. It’s nature’s ultra-efficient way of alerting you, instantaneously, to danger.”

Once again we hear that word: intuition. In order to ward off danger, we’re told to listen to our intuition, to follow our gut feelings. We are well-advised to heed our silent but important warnings about other people. When someone frightens us, we are encouraged to embrace that fear rather than rationalize and dispose of it. But there is also a physiological component to fear.

Our bodies undergo profound pheromone changes when we are frightened, angry, or stressed. Dogs can “smell” fear because of their ability to detect very slight changes in a person’s body chemistry. People who are gearing up to commit a crime experience.

Pheromones increases in body temperature, heart rate, and blood pressure. They also emit a strong, musky odor, the by-product of a nervous, amped-up sweat produced by the apocrine glands.

Pheromones and Behavior

Given that the body reacts physiologically to the prospect of commiting crime, could it be that our intuition and gut feelings are really responses to pheromones? When we meet a stranger in an elevator and immediately get the willies, are we experiencing a negative reaction to this person’s body chemistry? Perhaps a person about to commit a serious crime like rape, murder, or robbery emits a pheromonal signal that reflects his internal state. The body, revved up to do harm to another person, could actually change its own chemistry, and the victim might quite literally be able to sniff such a warning.

The theory of violence prediction involves using all of one’s sensory systems to assess someone who is, for whatever reason, a bit off. We might look at this person and notice a shift in his eyes as he speaks, or our sense of hearing might discover inconsistencies and alert us accordingly. But when we are face-to-face with a potential attacker, is it our sixth sense that truly sends the warning message? When we feel nervous around someone, uneasy for no reason and tempted to flee rather than flirt, are we being driven by pheromonal signals relayed to our hypothalamus, which controls our emotions and our autonomic fight-or-flight response?

Science has not yet given us definitive answers to these questions, but it is intriguing to consider the possibilities. Yes, we should, as de Becker advises, attempt to be as keyed in as possible to the people we encounter. A part of that awareness means being highly attuned to our sense of pheromones.

Pheromones and Meeting Girls

The girl I kissed is also a friend of my girl friend and loves pheromone perfume.Now another friend has the suspicion that i kissed the girl after she smelled my Pherazone.

I’m being brutally honest here. A huge part of me is saying, that i should say i kissed the girl on the cheek. So that she doesn’t have to live with the guilt of being the one that cheated. She was attracted to my strong alpha male pheromone spray. But another friend says that i never would’ve kissed the girl. (but I’m not sure about that, because during the talk with the girl i kissed on the cheek; we decided it would be best if we didn’t advance and than i kissed her on the cheek AND i was drunk).

But from a rational standpoint it could be argued that pheromones caused her attraction to me. But then again, she decides if it’s really cheating, because I can argue all I want, she is the one that will be pissed if she believes I cheated (even if I differ from her opinion).

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