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If you’ve sought a better, more efficient penis extender that gives you gains fast, we finally have found the solution. Developed by Dr. Jorn Ege Siana M.D., ProExtender is a revolutionary device that effortlessly lengthens your penis within a few months. You’ll also experience harder erections, increased girth, and the satisfaction that you’ll never come up short. A complete penis extender system for gaining those crucial inches.


Penis stretching has been around for quite a while.  Even in some tribal societies, men hung weights to their penises to stretch them, and weights made another appearance during the twentieth century, becoming quite popular But weights are a hit and miss method.  They’re unpredictable, inconvenient and painful.  It wasn’t until Proextender hit the market that there was a feasible and practical non-surgical method of penis enlargement.

So why am I telling you all these here in this blog?  It’s because I had almost given up on ever being able to do anything about my small dick when I discovered Proextender.  By the time that happened, I was almost suicidal about the prospect of living my whole life with an inadequate penis.  So you could almost say that the Proextender penis enlargement system saved my life.

Why are we so confident about ProExtender?

It’s because ProExtender was personally developed by Dr. Jorn Ege Siana M.D., a top medical professional in the world of penis enlargement. He has carefully designed ProExtender using technology and age-old wisdom, combining the two for a revolutionary product. That is why we are so confident this extender will give you gains in length, girth, and hardness within weeks.

Not only that, Dr. Siana proved these gains at the 1st International Interdisciplinary Symposium on Genitourinary Reconstructive Surgery in April 1998. In front of thousands of other skeptics, Dr. Siana proved that ProExtender truly worked. After seeing it for themselves, doctors were stunned. Now doctors all around the world back up ProExtender as the most effective extender for increasing penis size within weeks.

What is included with ProExtender?

  • The ProExtender penis extender
  • Detailed instructional manual
  • Free bottle of Semenex
  • Free bottle of VigRX
  • Free Enhancement Guide CD
  • Thicker member means more girls
  • Thicker, longer shooting power
  • Perform better in bed, introduce girls to your new penis

ProExtender based on ancient science for effective elongation

proextenderProExtender’s extender is based on the science of tension-lengthening. Dr. Siana discovered this ancient practice and applied to the ProExtender. The results were astounding. Not only did it increase length, it also increased girth and hardness. Why was that?

It was because the increase in penis size resulted in more blood flow to the penis. With more blood flow, the penis naturally enhances, making a more rounded, better-performing penis. He then released the ProExtender for consumer use, confident that consumers would see these astounding results. They did.

This technique alone is why this extender is so effective. Paired with semen and penis enhancing pills, this is the most complete, effective extender system available today.

Unfortunately with ProExtender’s popularity comes unexpected surprises. Many other companies use knock-off extenders, claiming to use the same science as Dr. Siana.

This is simply not true. Dr. Siana has designed the ProExtender with specific scientific technology – it cannot be replicated. Be wary of any extender that claims to use the same science as Dr. Siana. It simply isn’t true. The ProExtender is exclusive to ProExtender’s official website – you won’t find this sold anywhere else.

Enhancers add more gains this unique extender

Along with the ProExtender penis extender, you’re also getting a free bottle of VigRX and Semenax. Why?

Because these pills have been proven to be effective. They are all natural, made from herbs and minerals that specifically target your penis. This enhances the gains you get from the ProExtender penis extender. VigRX is an all-natural blend of herbs proven to increase male virility and size. Contained in a 30 day supply of VigRX.

Combined together, this superpower your penis for action. You’ll get a bigger, thicker penis with immense shooting power. Better yet, it is backed up by many medical professionals who believe this works. Not only that, thousands of consumers like you have seen the true benefits of this penis extender combination. Here is what one person had to say after trying this device.

ProExtender is also covered by a 6-month money back guarantee. If you don’t see any improvements within 6 months, simply return for a full refund. No questions asked.
See how other men are gaining inches with ProExtender™.


Gain inches with the ProExtender device today.
If you order today, you won’t receive just our exclusive penis extender, ProExtender. You’ll also receive:

  • Detailed Instructional Booklet
  • Free bottle of VigRX
  • Free bottle of Semenax
  • Free CD Ultimate Penis Enhancement Guide

Remember, only ProExtender has the exclusive ProExtender penis extender system containing all of these great products.

Tension: 2400 grams
Guarantee: 6 months
Price: $299.95 – $399.95
Visit Official Site

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