Sex Pheromones For Men 2017

Sex pheromones for men can increase physical attraction. The distinct characteristics of a masculine smell are due to male pheromones that are secreted in sweat and vice versa for females. Olfaction is the only sensory modality that completely bypasses the cortex, so it is never a conscious process. This is because the sense of smell developed particularly early in evolution. There is really no such thing as a distinction between conscious and unconscious smelling. You are exposed to a smell and you have a certain visceral reaction to it.

Anatomical studies demonstrate that in humans the vomeronasal organ regresses during fetal development. There is no evidence of a neural connection between the organ and the brain in adult humans (sidenote: If you trace that with a scalpel and you don’t find a nerve, there can’t be any connection; after all, when God designed man, wireless technology wasn’t invented yet ;-)). Nevertheless, a small pit can be found in the nasal septum of some people, and some researchers have argued that this pit represents a functional vomeronasal organ. Thus, its possible presence in humans remains controversial.

You’ll Feel More Desirable

Wearing pheromones makes you believe that you are more attractive and hence you act with more confidence, etc. and you get better results, thus attributing them to the pheromones. There is no scientific evidence as to whether they really work or not so I am still highly skeptical about them.

The most effective pheromones will be heavy in androstenone and androstenol as these are the most effective types of pheromones found in men and women’s cologne. Usually, it only takes a small dose to see significant effects from the opposite sex.  Learn more about them here.

Pheromones work

No argument about that. About practical results, I tested a couple “brands” a couple years ago, some work, some don’t, some work better than others, and some are just utter crap. Speaking of the ones that do work, you’ll get mixed results, depending on many factors, but yeah, they help.

And no, it’s not placebo effect, at least not in my case (I tested). From my experience, yes, pheromones do work, however, not all products live up to their name. If you do consider buying pheromones, do NOT buy Pherlure! It smells great, but creates little to no attraction.

When I first started using Pherazone what I noticed was that suddenly I got basically zero blowouts from cold approach. It was really quite stunning. I use it all the freakin’ time. You need to try out which ones work with you the best. Everybody has different body scents. But I get allot of compliments for my smell by girls. My girlfriend usually grabs me and buries her head in my neck just sniffing me. Again, whole lot of compliments. And the self-effects are also many. And some of them attract older women etc.

Pheromone Effects On Your Brain

Pheromone aromas in general have a strong effect on the brain though. A definite physical reaction happens when you smell a nice smell (i.e.: olfactory bulb is connected to amygdala, which in turn stimulates frontal lobe activity causing a sense of peace when you smell something pleasant.)

Be sure to use a cover scent, most people can’t really smell pheromones once they have been absorbed into your skin and if you are with a girl and she suddenly feels horny she will be very confused as to why. That doesn’t happen in the real world, especially for women who operate more on a sliding scale rather than a light switch. A good cologne not only helps spread your pheromones further and faster, it also gives them a reason to become horny in the first place. I suggest the fragrance shop, they sell replica oil formulas that are 99% identical to what you will find in many stores but much cheaper. The dirty secret of the cologne industry is that anyone can buy a bottle, run it through a lab, and then know exactly how much of what chemicals are being used and replicate it.

If all else fails, contact Pherazone and they will refund you or give you new mones to try. You could also ask them to include some samples of other things to try out so you can see what works for you.

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