Strongest Pheromones For Sexual Attraction

Pheromone studies have been done in many countries around the world, and these studies have all shown thatpheromones are directly linked to enhanced mood and sexual arousal. While the chemicals themselves have no control over actual sexual arousal, many people mistake the feelings that are caused by the chemicals when they are sent to the brain. In the end, pheromones are closely linked to human attraction, and are one of the most effective substances to use in order to enhance the attraction between two members of the opposite sex.

Pheromones are tiny chemical particles that are created by the body for the purpose of attracting members of the opposite sex, and they are found both in humans and in members of the animal kingdom. The first studies into the chemicals began in the 1960’s, and research soon showed that the chemicals were effective at creating an attraction between members of the opposite sex in humans and animals alike. Different types of pheromone chemicals were discovered, and the effects of the various chemicals were also documented.

What researchers discovered was that pheromones actually have no scent at all, despite popular beliefs to the contrary. The chemicals simply attach themselves to other chemicals that do have a scent, and they are inhaled into the nostrils along with the scented particles. However, rather than being detected by the nose itself, the pheromone chemicals are detected by the VNO, an organ that is located in the nasal cavity. Further studies revealed that only the majority of humans have the VNO, while a small percentage have no VNO and thus cannot detect the chemicals.

When the chemical is detected by the VNO, the chemical signal is sent to the hypothalamus in the brain. The hypothalamus is the emotion and mood center of the brain, and it is subconsciously stimulated by the pheromone chemicals. The result of the stimulus is an elevated mood, slightly rapid breathing, increased heart rate, and a general good feeling. These things are all associated with human sexual attraction, hence the mistaken belief that pheromonesdirectly affect sexual arousal.

The pheromones actually only cause these changes in the hypothalamus with the chemical signal, and the person feels the change in their subconscious. They then feel that they must be experiencing sexual arousal, as their heart is beating faster, they feel happier, and their breathing is slightly shallower. The belief that they are sexually aroused leads to actual sexual arousal, and in that way the pheromones are connected to enhanced sexual interest.

There are many things that the pheromones can do, but all of the effects are the result of the subconscious stimulation of the hypothalamus:

  • Better sex life
  • More romantic interests and dates
  • Enhanced confidence and sense of self-worth
  • Lessening of discomfort when interacting in social situations
  • Increased eye contact from members of the opposite sex
  • Increased interest from potential sexual partners
  • Rejuvenation of a current relationship
  • Enhanced passion when making love
  • A feeling of being comfortable and at ease in various social situations
  • Improved work relationships
  • More optimistic outlook and increase happiness
  • Overall sense of well-being

In the end, pheromones have all these effects simply by stimulating the hypothalamus via the subconscious detection of the pheromones. Using these chemicals can be a great way to obtain all the benefits mentioned above.

One of the strongest pheromones is androstenone, which is found in pigs as well as in humans of both sexes. It is, however, commonly associated with men and is considered a manly pheromone. The reason for this is that the pheromone creates a dominant and aggressive aura around the wearer that is intimidating to those who detect the chemical. Those wearing this pheromone will usually project a very dominant or alpha impression, either alpha male or alpha female. Wearing androstenone is a great way to become more noticed and to be the center of attention, as it naturally and subcionsciously attracts those around you. Those wearing this pheromone will usually be seen as a better choice of a mate and sexual partner, as dominance has always been considered an attractive quality. The sexual vibe between two people can be enhanced, and sexual tension can be increased as well. Seeing as many members of the opposite sex like to feel slightly intimidated, androstenone is considered one of the most effective and strongest pheromones. It can even cause people to treat the wearer with more respect and be more polite.

The downside to androstenone is that it smells somewhat like urine or sweat, and thus it needs to be mixed in with a strong fragrance in order to mask the unpleasant smell. There is also the risk of an overdose of the pheromone, which can result in an overly aggressive mood, aggression towards the wearer by members of the same gender, headaches, and even over-intimidation of members of the opposite sex. The application of this pheromone is often too strong and can smell bad, so it is essential to find a cologne or pheromone product that contains androstenone in small enough quantities that it will be effective without being overpowering.

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