Aqua Vitae Pheromone Review

Aqua Vitae is a pheromone cologne that gets plenty of attention. It makes others respect you when they’re exposed to it. It does a great job of getting women to adore you.


Liquid Alchemy Labs has a solid reputation for creating quality products, and its product, Aqua Vitae is considered one of the best in the industry for the following three reasons:

1. It works like gangbusters and makes women notice you. I’ve seen women stop talking in the middle of a conversation just to turn around and stare at me. Even women that were a good distance away were impacted. Maybe the manufacturer put some type of secret herb in Aqua to make it work so well.

2. You’ll get a high-intensity level of attention from women. But you can’t assume Aqua will do all the work for you. You must work to keep their attention. Be aggressive and get phone numbers or ask for dates. Don’t get cocky just because she smiled at you. Work to close the deal.

3. If you don’t snap up the opportunity and act like an alpha male, this freakish attention will automatically dry up. This is not the right product to use if you have a weak game. Aqua is a training wheel for men who have experience in the seduction game.

Wear Aqua Vitae, and you will be the center of attention. It makes most men feel like celebrities. Women will flock towards you and follow you around like little groupies.

First Impressions

When I wore Aqua Vitae, I got a taste of what it would be like if I was a sexy Hollywood star. During the first couple of times, I got weird results though. It either provided too much attention or none at all. I realized this was because the roller wasn’t working consistently each time. Also, I’ve been told this product is a little fickle sometimes. So, keep using it until you find the right chemistry. Don’t give up on it.

Due to the inconsistency, I changed over to a bulb dropper. This helped me to get the right dosage. After a few times, I finally found the correct dosage. But I also discovered that Aqua Vitae is a total beast in terms of effectiveness.

Even women way across the room were staring at me. This happened in nightclubs and in local malls.

When I went to nightclubs, I was always picked out of the crowd. All the men wanted to get to know me, out of respect. The women wanted to know me because they were attracted to me. I must say that Aqua Vitae turned me into a popular man of high status.

Get More Attention

Aqua VitaeI keep saying that Aqua Vitae puts loads of attention on you. Women will give you seductive stares, flip their hair or accidentally bump into you.

However, there are cons of wearing Aqua Vitae. It triggers fast attraction. Some may think this is a bad thing, but I don’t agree. Why? Fast is a good thing if you know how to seize the moment. Yes, this pheromone product works very quickly. But its effects don’t last very long.

If it takes you a while to warm up to a woman, then you’re going to miss your window of opportunity with Aqua Vitae. You must move fast before it stops working. Basically, your game must be very tight if you want this product to work for you.

Another bad thing about Aqua Vitae is that it may intimidate many women. Use it, but make sure you have the right mindset for it.

If you aren’t experienced with the running game on women, then you may not like Aqua Vitae. I had problems using it at first.

How To Get Best Effects

But I learned how to use this product to level up my seduction skills. This meant working faster to close the deal. After about 2 to 3 months of using Aqua Vitae, my seduction game was totally tight.

Now, not only does it attraction women, it also provides good self-effects for you. You’ll feel like a confident, younger and cool dude that has it all together. But be forewarned. If you have heart problems or deal with anxiety, Aqua Vitae may cause problems for you in the very beginning. At first, I was a little nervous because my heart rate increased.

I think this happens when you use pheromones for a duration of time. Usually, when products contain androstenone, they may subconsciously make you feel intimidated. Until you realize that this is just your own signature and learn how to adapt to this new emotion, this will happen. The body just needs to adjust and get accustomed to this new alpha feeling.

I used to get the very nervous feeling when I used products with androstenone. But now I know how to use them to my advantage. You must learn to do the same. Thus, if you feel nervous or experience sexual/alpha feelings, learn how to control them. Don’t give up on the product. Your body must adjust and recognize your new pheromone signature.

Use Aqua Vitae and transform into a true alpha male. It always makes me feel cool, calm and collected. I feel more confident and can just chill in my own skin. I don’t have to brag or get loud to be noticed. Everyone knows that I’m the man.


But what is the best part about wearing Aqua Vitae? Its how women react to you. You’ll experience the following things:

  • It gives off magnetic, attractive and alluring vibes. Women want to automatically be around you. This is the best time to get numbers and dates. You might be able to take it to the next level. This product just opens doors that you were never able to walk through. Bust them open and lead her to the bedroom.
  • You’ll get tons of attention from females. It’s as if you’ve walked into another dimension and become a superstar. You will most definitely stand out in the crowd. You’ll transform into a sexual, charismatic and masculine man that women love.
  • If you want to be known as “the man,” then this product is for you.
  • Other guys might be intimidated by your presence because all the women are flocking to you. If other men start to look your way, then you know Aqua Vitae is truly working. Just talk to the women. Don’t start any pissing contests. Usually, most guys will just give you your respect and let you work the room.
  • Women will want to talk to you. They may even tell you their deepest secrets within a few minutes of meeting you. This means they are interested and won’t mind if things escalate fast.
  • Aqua Vitae might work as a truth serum, which means both men and women will trust you very quickly.
  • It may intimidate women. But you’ll also get plenty of respect to form them. I think it gives off cool vibes and works very well. But you might have to work harder to make people feel comfortable around you. However, this shouldn’t be a problem if your game is tight.
  • It works very fast, which means within 10 to 15 minutes. This is why you must quickly talk to the women you target. Now that you’ve got their attention, work fast. Do not hesitate or the opportunity could be gone.
  • Aqua Vitae was designed to work in competitive settings such as nightclubs and bars. There will be other men competing for the same women. Use Aqua Vitae to your advantage and turn into a charismatic man who has no problem asking for dates.
  • When I wear Aqua Vitae, I can talk to any woman that I want. I become the social guy that they all like. I am funnier, wittier and have magnetic charm. Now, this is not good for settings such as the office, but it’s perfect for when you’re on the prowl at the nightclub.


All in all, Aqua Vitae pushes you to be an alpha male. Take action and move quickly. She’ll always follow your lead when you’re “the man.”

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