Dirty Primitive Pheromones – Unbiased Review

I recently discovered Dirty Primitive after stumbling upon a couple glowing online reviews. Considering myself somewhat of a pheromone connoisseur I was intrigued and decided to order a bottle and experiment on myself.  You might be interested in Dirty Primitive if you haven’t been successful when it comes to talking with women. Maybe you are shy; maybe you lack confidence, or maybe you simply don’t have any experience.

To be honest, I was tempted to avoid Dirty Primitive but my curiosity got the better of me. Let me tell you right here and now that this is a real gem just waiting to be discovered. It works and it works well, but there is a downside to it.


Like many other attraction products, Dirty Primitive contains a good concentration of androstenone, a substance which is well-known for triggering feels of attraction when you are in the presence of women. However, it also contains a hefty dose of copulins, a substance which is produced naturally during ovulation. Okay, so how is it that this could be a problem?

Risky and Rewarding

When men are exposed to copulins, it can cause an increase in testosterone production, which is actually what we want. After all, testosterone is what makes men, men. It makes you more masculine, and most women like masculine men. The problem is, when women pick up the signals from copulins, they may wrongly conclude you just had sex.

This could play into your hands. If you’re looking for more sex, then you must obviously be quite a stud. And women like studs, especially women who want sex but without getting into a relationship.

Nonetheless, this same quality can also turn against you. Some women will actually feel repulsed that you’re going around and humping any girl you can get your hands on. If you are willing to take the gamble, go ahead and try Dirty Primitive.

Well Known Manufacturer

Fortunately, Liquid Alchemy Labs have built up a rock-solid reputation so at least you knowing you are getting a quality pheromone.

Fairly Priced

Dirty Primitive is inexpensive and certainly cheaper than similar products.


This product works, there is no doubt about that. But keep in mind that results can obviously differ from one person to the next. If your luck is in, this product could help you to get laid, but the results may vary.  This is a polarizing pheromone because it contains copulins which signal to women that you are sexually active. Some women might be turned off by that.

There are three scenarios will pheromones won’t work so well; getting back an ex, fixing a broken relationship, or attracting a crush. As a guy, you don’t want to waste your time entertaining your crush if the feelings aren’t mutual. Instead of being microscopically focused on one girl, you could be meeting tons of other girls around you. In other words, if you focus on one person, then your missing the big picture and other opportunities.

Works On All Types of Women

You will get the best results with Dirty Primitive when you approach a broad audience. That is the way it was meant to be.  So, the more girls you interact with and meet, the better your chances of getting her number. You might even get her to bed.

And because it’s a sexual pheromone (works like Pherazone) you should use it in places where you can find and meet promiscuous women. I had the best results with Dirty Primitive focusing on girls that showed interest. Don’t bother with the ones that don’t care.

Official Site: Pheromonesperfumeandcologne.com

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