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In this article, I will review my experience with Grail of Affection pheromone cologne. For what it is worth, let me assure you that very few guys get laid as often as they would like, and that includes a lot of married guys as well.

Okay, so are pheromones like Grail of Affection the answer? Can a few squirts of a spray or a few drops of oil transform your sex life? Let’s be realistic here. If pheromone products could compel every woman to jump in the sack with you it would be banned instantly and you would most likely end up in the slammer.

What some pheromones can do, is they can give you the edge; sort of tip the scales in your favor. Pheromone products have received a lot of bad press over the years thanks to shady internet marketers who make ridiculous claims, and that just to make a few bucks.

Sure, there are a lot of bad products out there but there are also good ones, and if you find and use a good pheromone product then I don’t give a damn what people say. Why?  Because I know from personal experience that a good pheromone product can spell the difference between sleeping alone and not sleeping alone. Right, let’s take a look at the product featured in this review, Grail of Affection.

A Sexy Pheromone with a Romantic Side


Grail of Affection comes from a company called Pheromone Treasures which you may well have heard of. To be honest, when this company first set up shop, they seem to be getting quite a bit of negative coverage. This could have been the result of fierce competition within this niche, or perhaps the company was simply experiencing some teething problems.

However, those days are long gone because of today, Pheromone Treasures as a fantastic record regarding both their customer service and their products, and that includes their Grail of Affection pheromone cologne spray.

Review and Impressions

Now, if you have read some of the other reviews I have written, then you will already know that I tell it like it is. If a particular product doesn’t work, or if it does work but only has a very mild effect, then I say so. I obviously don’t pass judgment based only on my own personal experience with a product because I realize that body chemistry varies from one person to the next.

Just because a particular pheromone doesn’t work for me, that’s not to say it won’t work for others. This is why I always do a good amount of research so that I can see what other guys are saying about certain products as well.

Powerful But Can Be Risky

Grail of Affection is a potent product. I know you are probably glad to hear this, but it can have a downside as well. Sometimes it is nice to have female friends; just normal friends where sex never comes into the equation.

If you are horny and desperate to get laid, you probably won’t agree with that last sentence, but seriously, sometimes sex really can ruin an otherwise amazing friendship. If you know where I am coming from and you want to avoid the risk of losing a good female friend, then my advice to you would be that you shouldn’t use Grail of Affection when you are going to be with your valued female friends.

A case in point: Not so long ago, when I decided to give Grail of Affection a try, I thought rather than go and test I out at a nightclub where I would no doubt end up spending a load of money and also drinking too much, I would just invite one of my female friends out for one or two quite drinks. I certainly didn’t have any intention of hitting on her; I just wanted to see if I could spot any difference in her usual behavior.

Takes Advantage of Women

Well, the difference was actually quite startling. She was more “chatty” and certainly more unreserved than usual. After about an hour or so it became clear to me that on this particular evening, she was placing “other options” on the table.  It has a high pheromone concentration like Pherazone but it’s own unique character.

As I have said, I did not want to have sex with her but I guess I am a man, and by the end of the evening, she was coming on very strong. I’m sure I don’t need to elaborate any further, but I will say that despite my best effort, she has never spoken to me since, other than to accuse me of taking advantage of her. Go figure.

Usually, when I write a review, I try and include a bunch of subheadings and so on, including a list of pros and cons, but in this review, I haven’t really bothered because I don’t believe it is really necessary. Just from reading this review, I am sure most guys can figure out what the pros and cons are with my help. People will often find you more attractive, or less attractive, depending on how you experiment with pheromones and Grail of Affection can help.

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