Pheromone Spray Reviews [UPDATED]

There is a pheromone spray that works based on medical studies and with proven results. However, it doesn’t work how you think, not in the get any woman type of way, but it does increase attraction in women. Yes, pheromones work. It’s not a placebo effect. If you think you are more attractive to women then your mind will start noticing evidence to support that. If you think you’re no good and all women hate you, your brain will look for evidence for that. It’s all about your state of mind.

How To Attract Women With Pheromone Sprays

It doesn’t seem hard to do. Tap a drop or two onto your Adam’s apple like regular cologne, and watch the magic work. Unfortunately, people around you are behaving strangely all of a sudden. The pheromone cologne you’re wearing is sending out weird vibes. What went wrong?

Hopefully, you won’t personally experience this. But others have had such embarrassing moments. Why does this happen? Pheromone formulas are designed to create specific effects. They don’t work like natural pheromones. If you use too much pheromone cologne it totally backfires and sends out the wrong vibe. If you wear too much, it confuses people. They are irritated, nonchalant or even intimidated. Avoid this by doing the following things:

Find Your “Sweet Spot”

pheromone sweet spotFigure out how many drops are needed to get the desired results. Do you need 1,2 or 3 drops? Determine the right amount, and get optimal reactions from others. The sweet spot impacts you in a positive way too. The outcome is maximized when attraction blends are worn. But this happens with most pheromone products. Use too much, and you risk people ignoring you. Use too little, and no one pays attention to you. Figure out the right amount to apply. Then, determine where to apply the drops so that they diffuse properly.

When pheromones project away from your body, this is called diffusion. This means the pheromones are working on everyone around you. Generally, the right diffusion spots are where the body has a lot of heat. Cold spots do little for the diffusion process.

I’ve used plenty of pheromones through the years. Thus, I have a list of personal diffusion spots. I like these locations for different reasons. First, they are easy to clean. Second, they are open areas that diffuse properly. Last, they are on my upper body, which means they give me wonderful self-effects.

Apply Pheromones in the Best Diffusion Spots

  • Go for the Jugular. Put your drops on Adam’s apple or anywhere on your neck. This area has a lot of heat and gives great self-effects. Besides, when she leans in to kiss you, she smells your pheromones.
  • Jawline Sides. Since this is close to your nose, it gives you great self-effects. Also, this area is easy to clean via shaving. You don’t have to scrub it.
  • Hair/Scalp. If your hair is cut short, this is a great area because the scalp is exposed. Your head produces loads of heat. But this is not a good diffusion spot if you use loads of gel or wax in your hair. This traps the pheromones.
  • Chest. This is an ideal location if you wear button-up shirts or even tee shirts.
  • Back of your Neck. This a good spot, but works differently than spots closer to your nose. This location avoids bad self-effects such as those produced by androstadienone blends.
  • Elbow Pit. The little crease between the arm and forearm is good because you can use it to test different blends. It diffuses well. Test a blend on the arm and another on the forearm.
  • Under Lightweight Clothes. Although pheromones diffuse under clothing, the effects are greatly diminished. But this location is good when you desire a distinct signature that can’t be associated with other men. Besides, when pheromones are applied to clothing, they last longer because they are so sticky. Also, they spread well in this location. However, you may have to apply more to get the same results.

In addition, if you have health problems associated with transdermal absorption, applying pheromones on your clothing might be a great option for you. Let’s back up for a few seconds. Understand that pheromones are basically hormones. No one really knows how they react to your skin. But pheromone doses are usually in micrograms. Whereas hormones are in grams. Thus, the health effects are somewhat null.

Correctly Wash Off Pheromones

Unlike with regular cologne, you can’t just wash pheromones away with a little soap and water. The smell is still there.

Although you might wash away the fragrance, the pheromones are still very much present. They stick to skin and clothes. It takes more effort to remove them, which is especially true for androstenone, androstenol, and androstadienone. If you don’t take the extra step to remove pheromones correctly, this can mess with your daily results for days on end. Keep in mind, pheromone formulas are well balanced. They are designed to achieve good results.

So, if you don’t remove them properly, you’re messing with how the formulas are intended to work. People will act strangely towards you.

Thus, I recommend that you use an exfoliation scrubber or any product that removes dead skin cells. You could also try using witch hazel or a hunter’s soap that eliminates scents. These products are great for removing scents. However, it’s somewhat harder to remove pheromones from your clothes. Try using laundry detergents that have “oxy” in the name. Or maybe peroxide will do the trick.

Pheromone Sprays Vs Oils

Now, I’m going to talk about the differences between spray and oil pheromone products.

Certain manufacturers like PheromoneXS sell products with oil-based or spray versions. I strongly recommend oil-based versions. Yes, they’re more expensive but more valuable and effective. Why? An oil based pheromone product has more applications, which means it lasts longer. They have numerous drops, and you don’t have to apply as much to get desired results.

Also, oil diffuses slowly, and it produces a thicker pheromone cloud. This means it takes longer for the effect to hit. But when it hits, it’s more powerful. In addition, oil is more natural than spray versions, and some sprays are so powerful that they repel some people.

Yes, oil doesn’t diffuse as quickly, which means one application can last more than 5 hours without requiring a new application. Basically, an oil product lasts longer, which is a bargain for you. But this doesn’t mean spray products are bad. As a matter of fact, a majority of pheromone makers use both oil and alcohol in their products. Alpha Dream sells a product with its own silicone base. All in all, choose products accordingly.

Final Words

Okay, I want to give you another tip when it comes to scented or unscented pheromone products. Human pheromones work similar to your body’s natural pheromones. Some of them have bad or sweat smells. Most pheromone products are either scented or unscented. They work in the same manner. I usually buy the scented pheromones. I don’t want to wear both a cologne and a pheromone product. This reduces the amount of alcohol I have to put on my body. This is how I feel personally, but it’s your decision. As I said before, both scented and unscented pheromone products work the same.

However, if you get unscented pheromones, be sure to spray them in a different direction than your cologne. Or put on your cologne first, and let it dry. Then put your pheromone product on top.

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