Sex Pheromones For Men 2018

Sex pheromones for men can increase attraction. They are secreted through sweat. Usually, it only takes a small dose to see significant effects from the opposite sex.  The most effective pheromones are heavy in androstenone and androstenol.

Anatomical studies demonstrate that in humans the vomeronasal organ regresses during fetal development. There is no evidence of a neural connection between the organ and the brain in adult humans. Nevertheless, a small pit can be found in the nasal septum of some people, and some researchers have argued that this pit represents a functional vomeronasal organ. Thus, its possible presence in humans remains controversial.

A Million and One Reason for Sex Pheromones For Men

Next time you’re about to settle into bed for a little love-time, consider why your partner is suddenly so willing. A woman will engage in intercourse for every reason from relieving a migraine to getting their mate to do more household chores. Some women even believe that having sex will bring them closer to a higher power.

Basically, women are more fluid about sex. They might now always want it, but when they do, they want it for every reason under the sun.

You’ll Feel More Desirable

Wearing pheromones makes you believe that you are more attractive and hence you act with more confidence, etc. and you get better results, thus attributing them to the pheromones.  Learn more about pheromones.

Why Pheromones Work

No argument about that. About practical results, I tested a couple “brands” a couple years ago, some work, some don’t, some work better than others, and some are just utter crap. Speaking of the ones that do work, you’ll get mixed results, depending on many factors, but yes, they help.

And no, it’s not a placebo effect, at least not in my case (I tested). From my experience, yes, pheromones do work, however, not all products live up to their name. If you do consider buying pheromones, do NOT buy Pherlure! It smells great but creates little to no attraction.

When I first started using Pherazone what I noticed was that suddenly I got basically zero blowouts from cold approach. It was really quite stunning. I use it all the freakin’ time. You need to try out which ones work with you the best. Everybody has different body scents. But I get a lot of compliments for my smell by girls. My girlfriend usually grabs me and buries her head in my neck just sniffing me. Again, a whole lot of compliments. And the self-effects are also many. And some of them attract older women etc.

Pheromone Effects On Your Brain

Pheromone aromas, in general, have a strong effect on the brain though. A definite physical reaction happens when you smell a nice smell (i.e.: the olfactory bulb is connected to the amygdala, which in turn stimulates frontal lobe activity causing a sense of peace when you smell something pleasant.)

Be sure to use a cover scent, most people can’t really smell pheromones once they have been absorbed into your skin and if you are with a girl and she suddenly feels horny she will be very confused as to why. That doesn’t happen in the real world, especially for women who operate more on a sliding scale rather than a light switch. A good cologne not only helps spread your pheromones further and faster, it also gives them a reason to become horny in the first place. I suggest the fragrance shop, they sell replica oil formulas that are 99% identical to what you will find in many stores but much cheaper. The dirty secret of the cologne industry is that anyone can buy a bottle, run it through a lab, and then know exactly how much of what chemicals are being used and replicate it.

Can Pheromones For Men Boost Sexual Attraction?

Pheromones are like one of lifes wonderful little mysteries. We can’t see or smell them but they have a huge impact on our day to day life and how we feel towards others. Yes as people we like to believe that we have complete and independent free will over what we choose to do and who we choose to see, however, this is not necessarily the case. Pheromones dictate a large part of our life including how we choose a partner and if that girl in the bar is going to go home with you tonight. Smart people are utilizing this knowledge to help them pick up girls/men and get what they really want just that little bit easier.

What it boils down to is that some people are using these pheromones and you don’t know it. That girl that looked especially cute last weekend could have in fact been deceiving you to think just that. Human pheromones can play an important role in the sexual attraction between people.

When a person or animal is ready for mating they normally have a list of telltale signs to let others know they are ready. One of the biggest and most influential of these signs is pheromones. They are given off through the sweat glands and are abundant in places where social interaction is taking place. Although women don’t know it they often favor one guy over another because of the human pheromones he is giving off. You may be starting to catch on now and realize what you have to do if you want to be the guy all the women look at, yes that’s it, you have to beat them at their own game. Making sure you have all the odds stacked in your favor from the start.

Pheromones sprays are available in all different sizes and shapes, from scented pheromones to make you appear more cuddly and lovey to unscented sprays meant to project a dominant alpha male image.

Sex Pheromone Experiment

The same woman who co-discovered pheromones in women has developed a synthetic pheromone additive. It is reported to make the opposite sex more interested in the wearer, which is not an uncommon claim for these types of products. The difference with Dr. Cutler’s creation is the fact that it has been field tested by some of the biggest names in news. Twin experiments were conducted by ABC and FOX news to determine if adding pheromones had any effect on the opposite sex. The results were pretty outstanding, nearly a 3-1 difference.

Opponents to the pheromone theory state that humans lack the necessary receptor organ in the nose to detect pheromones, even if they are present. Current studies in mice may prove that assertion to be false as researchers have discovered they can detect pheromones with both their main smelling organ and vomeronasal organ (VNO) receptors.

Have you ever noticed that when a group of women is in close proximity for an extended period of time their menstrual cycles tend to sync? This is a pheromone driven response according to research done by Dr. Winifred Cutler. Within underarm sweat, there is a scentless pheromone that causes this reaction, proven by scientific studies. This would tend to prove that humans have, excrete and react to pheromones despite the argument that humans do not have the receptor organ within the nose to detect pheromones. So, you got the latest and most powerful pheromone cologne for men.

Pheromones For Men: The More Important And Effective Types

Pheromones are natural human hormones which we release into the air, and they deliver certain information to the recipient. Women have strong reactions to male pheromones, but the sad thing is that modern men don’t always produce the necessary amount of the correct ones.  Even if men do produce the ones that are needed, they constantly wash them off by taking regular showers and cover them up with colognes.

However, men can wear perfumes or colognes with synthetic pheromones, which act the same as natural pheromones. Moreover, they can alter the number of pheromones used and the combination of pheromones used to get the exact response they desire. There are some powerful pheromones for men that can help in attracting women, building a great first impression, and creating an aura of strength, sexuality, and friendliness. Let’s have a look at three spheres of your life where pheromones can be of use.

Work and social life

If you’re shy or just don’t get along too well with people, you may want to try androstenol. This pheromone affects both men and women, and it may help you look friendlier, make a good first impression at an interview, or introduce yourself to a new company.


The two most helpful pheromones for men in this sphere are androstenone and androsterone. They both help you create an image of a very masculine, strong male, but while androstenone makes this image dominant and aggressive (if not threatening), androsterone makes women see you as more caring and reliable guy.


The best pheromone for men in a marriage is androstadienone. A woman exposed to its smell feels more comfortable and romantic.  It helps to increase intimacy and affection between the spouses, and improve their sex life.

The aforementioned pheromones for men have almost no smell whatsoever, they’re perceived subconsciously, and women exposed to them won’t even realize why they feel so attracted to you. It’s up to you to choose the one you need most so you can use it to improve your social life.

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